EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Aldean Opens Up About Teaching Kids to Fish, New Year’s Resolutions, and More

by Jacklyn Krol

Brittany Aldean spoke with Outsider in an exclusive interview. She spoke about their life in the outdoors, 2020, and what she hopes to accomplish in the new year.

Brittany Aldean and Her 2021

Brittany’s major new year’s resolution is to stay fit. She and her husband, Jason Aldean, are using the South Beach Diet for their meals. Along with staying fit, she hopes to return to touring with Jason, as most of the tour dates she and their children are on the road with him to spend quality family time together.

The pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020, fortunately, the Aldean clan was able to tour in January and February before quarantining at home. “Jason has tour dates set, it’s just a matter of if they’re going to be allowed to happen,” she said. “So we are keeping our fingers crossed.”

As for their New Year’s Eve, they spent it with Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline in the Dominican Republic.

Teaching Kids to Fish

Brittany and Jason are all about the outdoor lifestyle. Recently, they taught their children, 1-year-old Navy, and 3-year-old Memphis, how to fish.

“It was kind of a disaster,” she giggled. “But it was fun, Memphis actually caught his first fish and he was just so happy. But it’s hard to keep them out of the water… it’s a lot of moving pieces when you have babies fishing. It was fun and I think that’s what makes the memories.”

In her Instagram video of the family fishing, she shared that moments like these were her favorite. “Jason and I love getting outdoors and spending time with the kids,” she wrote.

“Jason is very outdoorsy,” she admitted. “He loves the pool, beach, hunting, fishing. Not so much camping, we’re not campers. We’re more glampers, if you will. We need air conditioning and running water,” she smiled.

When they vacation, they often look to stay somewhere near water.

“I’m a lake person,” Brittany shared. “We went to a wedding in 2020 at a lake. It was new for Jason, he’s been to them before but he’s such a beach guy that he was like, ‘This is beautiful.’ I’m trying to get him more onto the lake train while he tries to get me on the beach train. We try to be outdoors as much as possible. Granted, in Nashville it’s either super cold or super hot and there’s not a lot of in-between time. So it’s just finding that sweet spot of fall and spring to get outdoors and do all of the fun stuff.”

Home and Family Life

As for their love of the outdoors, they can often be found driving their golf cart around their Nashville property. When asked how her family has taken to being home most of the time, Brittany said that they are thriving. “The dogs love it. They’re having the best time” she laughed.

Aside from the couple’s two youngsters, Jason has 13-year-old Kendyl and 17-year-old Keeley from his first marriage to Jessica Ussery. “I think his older girls… we’re kind of on a schedule with them,” she explained. “So they do get to see us more, we’re not on the road as much, so that’s nice.”

As for their youngsters, they’re in their glory.

“The babies, I think they like it too. Typically how it was going before when they were super little, the schedule was a rollercoaster. It was like, ‘We may be here this weekend then we’re gone.’ Then we’re here and then in another state. So I think having some sort of normalcy for them is nice. Us being in the house all of the time, mom and dad are always home. Especially dad because he’s usually gone. So it’s actually been a really nice year, in a sense, for us. To be able to be together and Jason’s getting to witness a ton of stuff that he would have probably missed out on.”