EXCLUSIVE: Luke Bryan Reveals the Inspiration Behind ‘Bill Dance’ Song

by Jacklyn Krol

Luke Bryan does a lot of fishing. So it only makes sense that he dedicates a song to one of the fishing world’s best. That’s right, Bryan created an ode to the one and only Bill Dance. 

If you know your fishing then you’ve probably heard of Dance. Bill Dance became the face of professional fishing all the way back in the 1970s. And he’s continued his legacy as one of the sport’s biggest names. These days Dance is the face of both Bill Dance Outdoors and Bill Dance Saltwater. Both shows focus on fishing techniques and species.

In an exclusive interview with Outsider, Bryan spills all on his newest song. Bryan’s deluxe album  Born Here Live Here Die Here may have earned rave reviews on April 9th. But for outdoorsmen everywhere, they only have one song on their mind – “Bill Dance.”

Like many songs, Bryan got the idea out on a boat.

“Bill is someone I’ve always looked up to,” Luke Bryan said. “Fishing is one of my favorite things to do, it’s where I do my thinking and I get a lot of ideas for songs out on the water.”

Over the years, the pair became friends and bonded over their love of fishing. Their friendship became the subject of the song.

“We had become buddies and I decided to write a song about the impact he’s had on my life,” Bryan explained.

“‘Cause all I ever wanted to be was Bill Dance / Fishing for a living / Saturday morning on television / A Georgia boy learning how to hook big bass / From a large mouth legend in a Tennessee hat,” Bryan sings in the song. 

Luke Bryan was born and raised in Leesburg, Georgia. He grew up bass fishing at Muckalee Creek, a place that he paid tribute to in the song. “I was floating on the Muckalee,” he sings on the track. Bryan previously sings about fishing and his time spent there as a child on the songs “Muckalee Creek” and “Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day.”

Luke Bryan and Bill Dance’s Initial Reactions 

After the song’s release, Dance posted the song on his social media accounts.  He gave his stamp of approval and support for the song.

“My friend @LukeBryanOnline put out a new album today featuring a song called none other than ‘Bill Dance,” Dance tweeted. “Thank you Luke for the humbling tribute. For once in my life, I’m speechless!”

When a fan asked Luke Bryan on Twitter his favorite song to record off of the new edition, he didn’t hesitate with his answer. “Bill Dance is such a special song to me. So honored I was able to release that one,” he tweeted

In an interview with his record label, Bryan revealed that as a child, he watched Dance every Saturday and Sunday on television. Dance hosted Bill Dance Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel and Bill Dance Saltwater on the Sportsman Channel.

“He inspired me to be a great fisherman and I’m so happy for him to hear this song. I’m so proud of this one,” Bryan concluded.