Exclusive Premiere: Drew Green Debuts ‘She Got That’ Performance Video on Outsider

by Matthew Wilson

Drew Green is already making waves online with his signature sound—he’s hoping country radio is next.

Green signed with Sony Nashville in June 2020 amid a global pandemic. Since the stages were closed, Green took his music online, cultivating a following on TikTok and Spotify. His tune, “She Got That,” has already peaked at No. 2 on Spotify’s Hot Country playlist and is garnering spins on SiriusXM’s The Highway.

In an exclusive premiere with Outsider, Green is sharing a new performance video for “She Got That” on May 19. The video officially drops on May 20.

Drew Green Celebrates ‘She Got That’

“She Got That” may be a viral sensation now, but Green revealed that he’s actually been sitting on the song for more than two years. When Green signed his record deal, he knew it was one of the first songs he wanted to cut.

“It’s the little engine that could,” Green tells Outsider. “It’s been with me the whole time, it’s doing real well. I’m super proud of it.”

The tune showcases Green’s vocals in a melodic anthem for young lovers everywhere. The country artist actually came up with the lyrics for the first verse while in the car.

In a songwriting session, Green built the entire song around that verse: “She got that red carpet class when she wanna go out on the city / She got that red dirt swag when she wanna get nitty-gritty.”

Green and his band filmed the new performance video at Nashville’s Exit/In. Since 1971, the venue has played host to a number of icons, including Johnny Cash, Billy Joel, Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson, Etta James, and more. Now, add Drew Green to the list.

“We hadn’t played a show in a year and a half,” Green says. “So it felt good to get a band together and rehearse. We treated it like we were playing an arena.”

The moment wasn’t lost on the promising newcomer. “[Exit/In’s] got so much history,” he said. “Every legend in the world has played there. It felt really cool to be on the stage and be a part of that history.”

From Honky Tonks to TikTok

Drew Green is still in awe of his country music success. Green got his start playing in dive bars and honky-tonks. He credits wife Bethany with helping him through his early career. The love he has for her shines through in ballads like “She Got That.”

“My wife is a nurse practitioner,” Green says. “I wouldn’t be in the boots I am without her kind of taking care of me the first six years of the battle of not making a dime. I sang in the honky-tonks for four years, I would write songs all day, and then play a show four days a week from 10 o’clock to 3 a.m. in the morning.”

After coming up with a five-year plan, Green scored a cut as a songwriter on Florida Georgia Line’s “Colorado” at the four-year, six-month mark.

Just two years later, Green wowed songwriter/producer Brett James with his music. The two sat at breakfast and listened to more than 30 of Green’s songs. Seven days later, Drew had a record contract. Since then, he has quickly had to adapt from life as a songwriter to that as an artist.

It wasn’t too long ago Green was playing in honky-tonks. These days you can catch him on TikTok making videos for his 90,000 followers. He’s also started playing shows, performing some songs live for audiences for the first time ever. In addition, Green released a new song, “Rest of Our Lives,” earlier this month.

“It was so fast and skyrocketed my confidence. It’s been killer,” Green says. “It’s been the best year of my life.”