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Faith Hill Reveals The ‘Perfect Gift’ for this Holiday Season

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Al Pereira / Contributor/ Getty Images)

In an Instagram post, Country music star Faith Hill dives into her past to reveal the “perfect gift” for this upcoming holiday season.

Faith Hill Adoption

Born on September 21, 1967, Audrey Faith Perry graced this world. At only a few days old, Faith Hill was adopted in Star, Mississippi, by a loving family with two older brothers and caring parents. Her parents were always honest to Hill about her adoption, which made her feel comfortable with the news; however, she was still curious about her biological family.

In an interview in 2017, Hill admits that she had this love for music unlike anyone in her family.

“I had a spirit that was completely outside what my family was. I didn’t know anyone I was related to, biologically, which gives you a sense of not ­knowing who you are.”

After Faith Hill moved to Nashville when she was 19 to pursue music full time, is when she became very lost. She turned to look for her biological family.

“There was a period of time when I first moved to Nashville, like the first couple of years, that I was just simply lost. That’s when I went on the search for my birth family.”

With the help of her brothers, Hill was able to locate her birth mother in 1993. After meeting, Hill discovered her creative side came from her biological mother, who was an artist and her biological aunt and grandmother were a part of a church choir. Her biological father unfortunately passed away in a car accident before she had a chance to meet him.

A Dolly For Christmas

Hill recently posted to her Instagram a picture of Kimberly Schlapman from the country band Little Big Town, holding a children’s book. The book is titled “A Dolly for Christmas” and is written by Schlapman.

The book talks about Schlapman’s daughter Daisy wanting a sibling when she was four-years-old. Schlapman and her husband had been trying for years to have another child, but to no prevail. When Daisy asked for a sibling from Santa, Schlapman felt like she couldn’t disappoint. The family went on to welcome a beautiful baby girl named Dolly to their family.

Hill resonated with the book and said, “I was three days old when adopted by my parents. I know what it feels like to be blessed with a loving family. It is a gift I have never taken for granted. This is a beautiful story of unconditional love. The perfect gift this year!!!!”