Faith Hill, Tim McGraw’s Daughter Gracie Shares Bubble Bath Photo With Artsy, Colorful Makeup

by Will Shepard
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Big Machine Records)

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughter, Gracie McGraw, is taking to Instagram to spread body positivity. The singer is 23 years old and using her fame to spread an important message.

It takes a lot of willpower to share a vulnerable picture of yourself. However, that is exactly what Gracie is doing with her post.

She took a moment to share some pictures of her in a bubble bath with makeup on her face. The makeup isn’t typical, rather she drew all over her face and then drew a bath. It is a passionate post that seems to accurately depict the perception that women are vulnerable to criticism from men. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are certainly raising an empowered young woman.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Daughter, Gracie, Shares an Important Message About Body Positivity

In her caption, she tells the backstory of why she is posting these pictures to Instagram. She also explains why she is sharing photos with her makeup all over her face.

“I’m no artist by any means, but playing with makeup makes me feel like I belong in a museum! I love this beautiful era of using the face as just a blank slate. Makeup was created to enhance what men wanted us to enhance, sex, but now it’s used by every kind of person to express themselves.”

While that message alone speaks volumes, she isn’t done there. She continues to share her thoughts on the female body. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are most definitely proud of their daughter for this post.

“PMS vibes usually bring on sad thoughts about myself, but I just recently received some lovely makeup palettes by my friend Juliana (@claropsyche), who creates these magical art pieces on her face, so I felt inspired to just go for it and start painting lines and wiggles until it looked like this!! Then I treated myself to a bath and used the bubbles to cover my body to take a pic of my face, but I decided F THAT!!! My rolls are sexy!! So I took these pics to show myself that [women] are art, and we should never see ourselves as anything different.”

So, like all things in life, being proud of who you are is the most important thing. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughter, Gracie, are sharing her take on this life lesson.