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Florida Georgia Line Absolutely Crushes ‘Long Live’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Richard Gabriel Ford/Getty Images)

One of the most successful duos in country music history, Florida Georgia Line remain in demand on the talk show circuit.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly compose the ever popular duo with a large and still growing fan base. They made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday evening to play one of their many hit songs. The selection for the show was “Long Live” from their newest studio album “Life Rolls On.”

The album is the group’s fifth and it was released to the public just last week on February 12. The album is doing quite well for the group and now they are hitting the road to promote their newest country music offering. Jimmy Kimmel Live is one of their first of many stops and it is likely fans will get several more chances to see them make live appearances.

Hubbard and Kelley put on a spectacular performance of their hit single to the delight of their fans. The group has now put out a couple of singles from “Life Rolls On.” Along with releasing “Long Live” last September, Florida Georgia Line also put out “I Love My Country” in March last year.

Florida Georgia Line Loves Performing ‘Long Live’

The group obviously enjoys performing the song and it is classic Florida Georgia Line music. The song pays homage to Friday evenings in a small town and is reminiscent of their earlier work like “Cruise.”

Speaking to Billboard, Kelley says he and Hubbard love the song and “couldn’t stop singing it” since writing it for the album.

“This song has a throwback, Here’s to the Good Times vibe, kind of from our first record,” he says. “It was a throwback, but kind of new and fresh, and it just feels like an anthem. It’s easy to sing along to it. Ever since we wrote it, we couldn’t stop singing it.”

The song peaked at number eight on the Billboard Country Airplay Chart. It also topped out at number 15 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart and took at top 100 spot in the year-end Hot Country Songs Chart. Hubbard shares Kelley’s sentiments regarding the song.

“When you talk about ‘long live’ something, it’s something that has been around for a while,” he says. “The title alone makes you think of memories, and it makes you go back in your mind.”