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Florida-Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Wife Brittney Are ‘At Peace’ with Not Having Kids

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jason Davis/FilmMagic)

Brittney Kelley, the wife of Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley, opened up to Instagram fans about starting a family one day. In a Q&A, she wrote that she and her husband will “feel at peace” if kids aren’t in the plan for them.

Brittney answered her fans’ most burning questions in an Instagram story on Thursday (August 19th), and one fan asked if they’re planning to have kids. Brittney, who is constantly on the road with Florida Georgia Line, said that she’d been getting that question since the day she and Brian wed in 2013. And she also noted that “that shouldn’t be the case.” She continued to say that, “We shouldn’t pressure women into answering because honestly, WHO REALLY KNOWS other than God?” she said.

However, she still felt comfortable answering the question. “If it’s in God’s plan, we do! I’ve been off birth control for over 5 years,” she wrote. “And we are definitely practicing but not actively ‘trying.’ Not everyone is just able to get pregnant that easily!” 

She continued by telling her fans that she’s ok with whatever happens. “We REALLY enjoy our life & being without kids right now! It’s really freeing & fun being an adult & doing whatever you want in this chapter!” 

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line Shares Adorable Hangover Advice

Being a famous country singer comes with some late-night partying with adoring fans. And Singer Tyler Hubbard shared some medical advice for getting through hangovers from three-year-old “doctor Liv.”

After a particularly fun night out, The Florida Georgia Line member posted a video on Instagram. “After a long night there’s nothing better than having a three year old explain the consequences of my actions at 7:30 in the morning…#dadlife,” he captioned.

In a video series, we see Hubbard looking like he had a few too many drinks, and his doting daughter M.D. is worried about him.

“I think you didn’t get enough rest,” says doctor Liv as her dad holds his head in his hands. Hubbard agreed, and judging from the video, so do we.

“You have to get rest. That’s why you feel sick, you didn’t get enough rest.” Dr. Liv concluded.

As the series of videos continued, we see that Hubbard is starting to feel well again. And the good doctor asks him some questions—probably for her own research. When she notices that he’s back to being the energetic daddy she loves, she asks what he had to eat.

“I had a cheeseburger from Shake Shack and some french fries,” the country star told Liv. He continued with some further information, “then I had a nap, and I think all of that combined was just the perfect recipe.”

“Okay,” Liv responds with glee. And with that, another patient was cured.