Florida Georgia Line Drop New Single ‘New Truck,’ Days After Announcing Solo Projects

by Katie Maloney

Florida Georgia Line surprised fans today by releasing a new song from their upcoming album, Life Rolls On.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley dropped a new track today titled “New Truck.” The song matches the upbeat vibes FGL is known for. It’s about simply being excited about getting a new ride. Lyrics include, “I got a new truck, I got a new ride,
I got it souped-up, I like it too high. I got a new truck.”

The group announced the song’s release via an Instagram post this morning along with a snippet of the song. They wrote, “Rev up those engines and turn this one up real loud. #NewTruck out now!!”

Florida Georgia Line To Release Solo Songs In 2020

The band plans to release Life Rolls On in February of this year. However, Kelley and Hubbard also announced that they are working on some solo projects this year. The two posted a video on Instagram for New Year’s Eve sharing their plans for the next year. During the video, the two shared that, in addition to the work they do with FGL, they will both be working on their own projects.

“It’s something we talked about years ago,” says Kelley during the video. But, according to Kelley, the timing just wasn’t right. Kelley says that working on solo projects helps to “really just create some freedom for ourselves in addition to what we do with FGL.”

Additionally, Kelley says that the quarantine really inspired him to get back to the solo projects he put on hold years ago.

“I just got back to writing for myself,” says Kelley. “And I feel really fulfilled and having your blessing means everything, And it really completes the whole perspective of my life to have that outlet.”

Hubbard was quick to squelch any rumors that the band was breaking-up.

“So anyone who says that, you can just tell ’em, ‘Hey, from the mouth of Tyler and BK, we’re not breaking up. We’re just venturing out, we’re just doing some individual things that we’re excited about,'” says Hubbard.

Florida Georgia Line’s “New Truck”