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Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley Are ‘Taking a Break’ As a Duo

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

Florida Georgia Line is officially going on hiatus, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley announced.

Hubbard and Kelley have been one of the biggest acts in pop country for the last decade. They are just one of three acts in country music to have a Diamond-certified single. The other two are Lil Nas X for Old Town Road and most recently, Chris Stapleton for Tennessee Whiskey. In fact, Florida Georgia Line boasts two Diamonds for their work with Bebe Rexha on Meant to Be.

This isn’t an end for the band it seems. So, fans can hold that little piece of information as comfort. However, as Hubbard told People, it is more of something else.

“I think ‘taking a break’ is the proper term, as opposed to breaking up,” the country star said. The two were at the opening of their Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit in Nashville.

“We’re not going our separate ways,” Kelley explained. “[Tyler and I are] taking a break from recording our music. We’re being artists. We love creating. And so a couple years back, we started writing without each other and trying different writers, and now we’re both doing that with our music.”

Now, fans might notice that Florida Georgia Line has 12 festival tour dates lined up for 2022. So, don’t worry, those shows will be played.

“We’re sort of using these last 12 shows, as a time to celebrate FGL,” Hubbard lamented. “Celebrate the fans, celebrate each other, and then support each other on the next chapter of our musical and creative journey which is gonna be individually for a while. So we’re excited.”

There’s a lot to reflect on for Florida Georgia Line.

Florida Georgia Line Remembers the Early Years

After seeing the exhibit in Nashville on full display, the duo was taken aback. They hadn’t really considered the totality of their journey until that point. As they were there at the new piece, sitting behind glass with their first guitars and other items from the past, they talked about the early years.

Part of their early success was starting a new subgenre that has been dubbed “bro-country.” However, it hasn’t always been a good label. Kelley talked about that term.

“But for us, we were just … making music that was us and that we loved and that set us apart from what we were hearing or what was on the radio,” the artist said.

One thing you can’t deny about this duo is that they have been successful. You do not have the last 10 years that they did and call that a failure. Now, two Diamond records later, tons of tour dates, albums sold, and more the two are going to take a break. Will they be as creative and revolutionary in their solo careers as they have been together? That remains to be seen.