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Florida-Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Reveals New Song, ‘Thank God for Little Girls’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Florida-Georgia Line star, Tyler Hubbard, recently revealed his new song called “Thank God for Little Girls.” The song is about his 2-year-old daughter, Olivia,

Hubbard discovered he tested positive for COVID-19 in early November. To prevent spreading the virus to his wife and daughter, Hubbard moved a tour bus into the driveway of his home. The singer quarantined in the tour bus for the duration of the illness until he was symptom-free.

However, Hubbard was able to stay busy during his isolation by writing new songs. Finally, after 14 days without contact with his family, Hubbard got to go home.

We now know that one of the songs Hubbard wrote during quarantine was for his daughter Olivia. The song is all about who his two-year-old daughter is and what she means to him.

He revealed that he co-wrote the song alongside Lori McKenna and Dave Barnes.

“Thank God for little girls. I got to share a song with Liv that I wrote for her over quarantine with some friends @lorimckennama and @davebarnesmusic,” Hubbard wrote on Instagram. “This is one of my favorite moments with her so far. Thanks for capturing it @hayley_hubbard … I’m not crying…..You’re crying.”

Tyler Hubbard Posts Instagram Video With His Daughter

Hubbard shared a heartwarming video on Instagram on Thursday of him playing the special song for Olivia. This comes just a couple of days after reuniting with his family.

In the roughly two-minute video clip, Hubbard holds his daughter as they listen to the song together.

“I thank God for country music, I thank God for this guitar. I thank God for every friend I got, and the fireflies in the dark,” Hubbard says while he sings the chorus. “But there’s nothing like the angel that came into my world and says I love you daddy. Thank God for little girls.”

A smile can be seen on Olivia’s face when she realizes that her dad’s lyrics are about her.

“I like that song for me. I can keep it — forever and forever,” Olivia says at the end of the song.