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For Travis Tritt, There’s ‘Nothing Better’ Than Quail Hunting

by Chase Thomas

Travis Tritt is staying busy in the new year, Outsiders. The country music star has hit the ground running in 2022 but not for the reasons you might expect. Tritt is getting away for a few days in Georgia. What’s he doing, though? Well, for Travis Tritt, there’s “nothing better” than quail hunting.

That’s right, Outsiders. Tritt revealed on his personal Instagram that he was spending the next couple of days hunting in Georgia.

For the caption, Tritt wrote, “Quail hunting in Georgia for the next few days. Nothing better!”

Fans loved the update. One fan wrote, “Need me some shades like that.”

Another fan wrote, “Good luck, happy hunting!”

Travis Tritt on Songwriting

What goes into songwriting for Tritt, Outsiders? It’s not easy, or everybody would do it and thrive like Travis Tritt. He told Disturbing Music, “I simply find that as a songwriter, my goal is to try to move people. And I feel that before I can move other people, I have to genuinely be able to move myself. And even though I live a wonderful life that a lot of people only dream about, in many ways, I’m just like the average guy next door. “

He wants to keep it simple and tap into those emotions for folks. It keeps him grounded.

He continued, “I go through the same emotions that everybody else goes through, the acquisition of love, the loss of it, how I feel about my country, how I feel about my job, how I feel about the people I work with, how I feel about my peers and just all these different things. And, those are feelings that every person in this country experiences at some point or another.”

Travis Tritt emphasized that he is no different than the Average Joe. That’s where that emotion in his songwriting comes from.

Tritt concluded, “I think that that’s the key to being a successful songwriter. When you can write a song that the average Joe can get in his car or his pickup truck or whatever, going to work, and he turns it on, and he hears a song that jumps out of the radio. It sounds like that the person singing it has been reading this guy’s mail. I mean, when you have that kind of a connection with the audience as a songwriter, you’ve done your job. And it moves somebody. And I think that for me to continue to be able to do that I have to continue to be able to write about things that I know about, and those are the things that I’ve experienced personally.”

The connection is the most important thing. That comes from the emotional elements involved. Travis Tritt did just that.