Gabby Barrett Opens Up About Contribution to St. Jude’s Research

by Hannah Heser

Country singer Gabby Barrett grew up helping people. She may be a few hundred miles away from St. Judes Research Hospital, but The Good Ones singer still finds a way to support them.

Barrett remembers the many donations her parents sent to this organization.

“My parents always donated to St. Jude every month when I was growing up,” Barrett told Taste of Country. “I remember the envelopes and the stamps and stuff.”

Two years ago, Barrett made a surprise visit to St. Judes in Memphis Tennessee. This is around the time she won third place on American Idol and watched one of her songs become a hit. Growing up, Barrett knew a lot about the hospital, but she wanted to see it for herself one day.

During the visit, Barrett remembers being absolutely speechless.

“I did hear it’s very uplifting, happy, colorful, and that they try to do everything for the kids to make them feel normal and at home,” she added. “I remember going in and it didn’t smell like a hospital, and the hallways are just colorful and have paintings. It’s very beautifully done.”

Following that response, Barrett shared that the hospital staff really cared about the children.

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner Celebrate Daughter’s First Birthday

Recently, the Footprints On The Moon singer and her husband, Cade Foehner celebrated a very special birthday. That’s right Outsiders, the new parents went all out for their daughter’s first birthday! And to celebrate, they traveled to Disney World.

Barrett shared a sweet post with her Instagram followers two weeks ago. In the post, you’ll see a photo of the Foehner family altogether, a video of a Disney parade, an accidental spill, and some other cherishable memories. It looks like this trip was one for the books.

In the caption of the post, Barrett wrote a heartwarming message for her little girl.

“Happy 1st birthday to my heart. My precious little girl. My daughter. It’s not possible to explain in words the love a mother has for her child. But being a parent has made me appreciate my mother and father a whole lot more for what they did for my siblings and I. I will defend and protect you always. My number one goal in this life does not have to do with singing/entertaining, but raising a God-fearing Christian, who loves Christ more than her mom and dad could ever. Praise God for you my love, and for motherhood. Mama & Dada love you always.”