Garth Brooks Announces He’s Bringing Back the Dive Bar Tour Later This Year

by Chris Haney

While he may have canceled his stadium tour, fans of country icon Garth Brooks will have a chance to see him perform this year in even more intimate settings. On Monday, Brooks announced that his Dive Bar Tour will return next month in place of his arena tour.

Due to the rising cases of Covid-19, the musician brought an early end to his recent stadium tour. After a two-week break from his Facebook Live and SiriusXM broadcast Inside Studio G though, he had big news for his fans yesterday. While speaking on the broadcast last night, Brooks announced a return to performing at dive bars.

Previously, Garth Brooks traveled around the country to play at much smaller venues. His Dive Bar Tour is now set to return for another run beginning October 11 in Oklahoma City. Brooks spoke further about the decision to return to dive bars and shared his excitement for the revised tour.

Brooks said that the smaller venues are easier to control when it comes to vaccination policies. Each ticket holder is required to be vaccinated if they want to attend. In addition, he spoke about his love for dive bars. He thinks the smaller venues are far more intimate and says that suits his music.

“Our stuff is made for dive bars,” Brooks said on the broadcast.

As of now, only the Oklahoma City show has been announced. Further dates will be revealed this fall heading into the holiday season. Tickets to Garth Brooks’ Dive Bar Tour will only be distributed through local radio station call-in contests.

Garth Brooks Explains Why He Cancelled Stadium Tour

Recently, Garth Brooks opened up about why he chose to cancel the remaining dates for his summer stadium tour. He called it “one of the harder conversations we’ve had in a long time” when speaking about the tough decision.

But Brooks felt like it was the right thing to do because of the COVID-19 Delta variant since every state’s infection rates have increased. The famous musician didn’t feel comfortable knowing people may risk their lives to come see him perform.

“It boils down to one thing,” he said. “It was the right decision to make, even though it was not my favorite decision.”

He also addressed questions about the timeline of his and his crew’s decision-making process. Some fans wondered why he didn’t cancel his shows sooner.

“Maybe I should have. I don’t know,” he confessed. “I told them that we’re getting reports on is this ‘flash’ thing. The second wave is flashing and it’s dying out quickly in some of these other countries. We had a three-week window coming up and thought, ‘Let’s get to that three-week window, and then we’ll make our decision.’”