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Garth Brooks on Being Back on Stage for Dive Bar Tour: ‘There’s No Place Like Home’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Garth Brooks might be one of Country music’s biggest names, but that doesn’t stop him from staying true to his roots. Sure, the guy’s got a massive amount of talent stored in that body, but he would no doubt say his fans helped him get to where he’s at today. He recognizes that and although he has the capacity to sell out arenas, Garth started missing his more intimate shows over time.

Forget the spotlights and stadiums for a minute, because Garth Brooks finds himself back on stage for a dive bar tour instead. Actually, there’s nowhere he’d rather be. “There’s no place like home,” he says, describing the tour.

Garth Brooks Rocks Oklahoma City, Says ‘I Can Do What Cowboys Do All Night Long’

Garth Brooks is a man of passion, it’s clear to see. And to that end, it’s nice to see a country star of his caliber of fame and success that isn’t all about the money, either. Oklahoma City fans got a real treat catching a dive bar performance from the musician. The place looked packed in this epic snap he shared with the crowd’s hands in the air.

Actually, he shared even more content surrounding the OKC happenings with fans in his running “Studio G” series. “Studio G” is a segment Garth created to bring fans that otherwise can’t make it to his shows more of his music and content.

In another recent tweet, he relayed: “It’s just the beginning! I can do what cowboys do all night long #DiveBarOKC!!!” He followed it with his usual closing, “love, g.” Attached, he also added a link to this Facebook Live segment and performance:

The Down Sides of the Dive Bar Tour

In his 13min chat linked above, Garth Brooks takes time to address some fan questions in between strums and jams. Namely, he speaks more about the decision to embark on a dive bar tour. While he doesn’t regret the decision at all, there is one piece that brings him a little disappointment.

Garth says that dive bar shows are automatically shortened due to the nature of their smaller sets. This is disappointing because Garth Brooks would play his guitar “all night long” if they let him. Still, he says he hopes the fans that make it out to one of his shows have a “good time.”

At the same time, he says “they’re not gonna have a better time than me, I can tell you that.” He goes on to joke “no matter how big of a trainwreck it is.”

In addition to the dive bar shows, fans can look forward to another big Garth Brooks moment in history. He’s set to join Trisha Yearwood and Darius Rucker for Grand Ole Opry’s 5000th Saturday night show on October 30th. Details here.