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Garth Brooks Blasts Artists That Don’t Play the ‘Old Stuff’ at Their Shows

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ASCAP

Garth Brooks wants to hear an artist’s classic songs and old favorites when he goes to a concert. He doesn’t believe in having just new material. The “Friends in Low Places” singer said he likes to sing along and have a good time at concerts.

In his newest episode of Studio G, Brooks blasted artists that don’t play their “old stuff.” He responded to a fan’s question about new material versus old material.

“I’m a fan and I always have been of music,” Brooks said. “When I go to concerts, I come to hear the old stuff. I come to hear what I know. And when I go to a concert and some dude drops a whole new album on me, hey I love you to death. But d–n I came here to sing along and have some fun.”

Watch Garth comment on the artists playing the “old stuff” around the 23-minute mark.

Brooks Likes to Play His Old Favorites

Brooks also revealed that he will intentionally shorten newer songs for live performances. He said he does this because people aren’t familiar with the tunes yet. He said he leaves them a “taste” so they can explore the full-length song when they hear it on his album.

Playing old hits is a practice that Brooks incorporates into his own concerts. For instance, Brooks held three concerts “Coast to Coast Live” in 2001 to promote his album Scarecrow. He reportedly only played two new songs from the album and filled the rest of the concert with favorites.

Garth Brooks Releases Two New Albums

Fans of Brooks will get their fill with new songs though. The country singer announced two new albums Fun and Triple Live Deluxe will release this week. Triple Live Deluxe features songs from Brooks’ three-year World Tour. That tour went from 2014 until 2017.

Meanwhile, Fun will be composed of new material for fans to enjoy. The album will include a cover of the song “Shallow” from A Star Is Born. Brooks’ wife Trisha Yearwood will join Brooks for the duet.