Garth Brooks Hilariously Compares Keeping Up with His Shows To ‘Eating Ice Cream’

by Quentin Blount

If you have ever wondered just how popular country artists keep up with all of their shows, Garth Brooks has the answer.

Fans could not be more excited that Garth Brooks is going back on tour. The 59-year-old country star, like many others in the industry, has had to put his live shows on the back burner thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With all the downtime, Garth Brooks has still been able to engage with his fans. He’s shared some behind-the-scenes looks at his music career on his Facebook live show called “Studio G.” That endeavor has kept him busy alongside hosting talk shows with his wife, Trisha Yearwood. The high-profile country couple recently served as hosts of The Ellen Show after Ellen Degeneres announced that the show was ending. That experience has led to Yearwood and Brooks considering their own talk show as full-time hosts.

While that is something surely fans would love to see, what we want more than anything is to see Garth Brooks back in front of a live audience.

Garth Brooks Replies to Fan on Twitter

But now that he’s back on tour, county fans can appreciate it even more. One fan, in particular, asked Brooks in a tweet what it’s like managing all of the different shows and the details that go into setting each one up.

“We are so grateful and excited that you’re going back on tour!” a fan named Missy wrote on Twitter. “My question to you is, what does it take to go on tour? I imagine coordinating all of the crew, equipment, etc. is quite an undertaking.”

Garth replied in a video he posted to Facebook. He says that keeping up with the shows is the easy part.

“My thing is, they go, ‘Well, how do you keep up with so many shows?’ That’s easy — that’s like eating ice cream. I can keep up with the different flavors of ice cream,” Brooks joked.

The actual logistics of the entire show, however, is a whole other ball game.

“This stuff is insane,” Garth Brooks says pointing to the venue and all of his equipment. “‘Cause I’m looking at crew guys, I’m looking at all parts of this right here. And we all have hotel rooms, we all have meals, and all this stuff, and yet it runs like clockwork when we get out there. Knock on wood.”

“My hats off to the band and crew, but especially the crew,” he continued. “We were in Boise when the sound went down and something crazy happened. The crew saved that show and you realize just how powerful you’re not without your crew. Love the crew.”

Speaking of the band and crew, Brooks unofficially announced that they had won the Pollstar Touring Country Artist of the Decade Award. You can watch that moment and more in Brooks’ video down below: