Garth Brooks Daughter Allie Colleen Releasing Debut Album

by Will Shepard

Garth Brooks’ daughter, Allie Colleen has released an album. Earlier in life, she told her father that she wouldn’t pursue a music career until she was done with college. But, now she is a college graduate and working hard on her music. Consequently, her hard work is paying off and she now has an album out.

Her debut album is called Stones and is now out for the public to listen to anywhere you get your music. In addition to releasing her album, she took to Instagram to show off her song list from the album. Her lead single on the album is called “Playin’ House.”

Allie Colleen is taking her best shot at making 2021 amazing. She is certainly on the right track at doing so with her first-ever album release.

Last year, in April, she put out her first charting single. Allie Colleen called her song “Ain’t the Only Hell (My Momma Raised).” But, she is also releasing a new single that is set to come out on April 2 this year.

Garth Brooks’ Daughter, Allie Colleen Has Released Her First Album to the Public

She captions her Instagram, “Check out my story and swipe up to pre-save Playin’ House!! Coming out April 2nd on all platforms!!” To check out her new album, head to the link on her Instagram page.

There are eleven songs on the album, and all of them tell their own unique story. Even though following in her fathers’, Garth Brooks, footsteps will certainly not be easy, she is doing her best. At the very least, the expectations for her music will be higher than most peoples.

She is well on her way to a successful music career. Even though Allie Colleen’s music career will be judged by her success to her parents, she is doing well. It helps immensely to have the help an incredibly musically gifted father. He will certainly be giving her advice throughout her career. It also seems likely that she will be using all of her father’s connections to help her succeed.