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Garth Brooks Says He’s Done With Stadium Tours Once 2022 Wraps Up

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo credit should read LUCY NICHOLSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Here is some country music news that is actually really shocking. Garth Brooks is done with stadium tours after his 2022 tour wraps up. When you think of artists in country music that can announce a date at any stadium and sellout no matter where it is, Brooks is Top-2 on that list, and he isn’t 2. He commands populations of fans larger than some small cities.

However, despite the ability to sell out any venue no matter how large, Brooks is going to stop doing those big shows. There is a couple of reasons why. One of the main reasons, COVID and other issues like weather really made this tour difficult to put together.

“Now I think we’re down to three cities left to announce in the stadium tour, this is the last year for it,” the singer says in an ET Canada video. “Anybody who b**ches about anything in this business should be slapped. So I’m trying not to complain at all. Put a stadium [tour] out and here comes the pandemic. Here comes the weather. It’s all the things you never had to worry about when you [get] to play indoor [venues] right?”

It seems like Brooks wants to have a return of sorts. There are a lot of folks that prefer a small, intimate venue. Not to mention, the singer had his own personal ordeal with COVID when his wife Trisha Yearwood got sick with the virus.

Garth Brooks Saw How Hard his Crew Worked on Stadium Tour

Another reason why Garth Brooks wants to put his stadium tours on hold is that his crew works hard as hell to make it happen. Doing a show for tens of thousands or potentially 100,000+ fans isn’t an easy task. He sees the stress and the sweat and hard work that goes into it all.

“So, that’s the only reason it just seems like, for the band and crew, I’m going to say it’s too much,” the highest-selling artist in country music said. “They’re not complaining, whatsoever. They work hard, it’s just for me watching them do all this, I’d much rather have a roof over my head.”

Without a stadium tour, that begs the question…

Where Will he Play?

So, if Garth Brooks doesn’t have another stadium tour in his career, what will he do? Well, he is a huge fan of small venues and dive bars. So, we might be seeing a new type of tour style from the singer.

“And, if you get to play for say 70,000 people here, next time you play here if you’re going to play for 70,000, how about five nights indoor? I’d be happy to do that because it’s better for the band and crew and better for the people that come see ya.”

Brooks has expressed his desire to play more dive bars in the future. He went on a dive bar tour to promote a song of the same name that he did with Blake Shelton. So, you might be seeing him in those bars more often. Playing multiple nights instead of doing one big show. Personally, I like it.

Who cares what I think though, what do you think, Outsiders?