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Garth Brooks Drops New ‘Fun’ Album, Fans Reveal Favorite Songs

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp)

Country music star Garth Brooks wants to know what your favorite song off his new album is. On Friday, Brooks took to social media to plug his new album, which is called “FUN,” and ask fans for feedback on his new music.

“Join Garth live tonight with @Amazonmusic,” the tweet’s caption reads. The Twitter post then asks fans to identify their favorite new songs from FUN.

“Tweet your requests: My favorite song on FUN is________.” it says, followed by “Team Garth.”

In the video attached to the Tweet, Brooks asks fans to join him live as he and his team unveil the new album.

“A big week,” he starts. “Garth Brooks here inviting you to come see me live on amazon.com/garthbrooks on Friday, November 20. We are going to be debuting the Album FUN. I am going to be taking some requests and doing some live music too. It’s going to be a party. I hope you join us.”

Garth Brooks Fans Chime in on New Album

Several of the country star’s fans replied to the tweet with their favorite songs off of the new album as well as some requests.

“Love you G!!!” one fan replies. “My request is all of them!!! No, if I can request one it be “Message in a Bottle!” Please and thank you!!”

“I can’t pick a single favorite,” another fan says. “What about a top 3? “Live Again” is already on repeat. Takes me back to #GARTHatND.”

Several other social media users had trouble picking just one song off the album as their favorite.

“Hard to pick just one,” a fan tweets. “My top 2 are the courage of love and where the cross don’t burn. So great to hear a little bit of Charley Pride.”