Garth Brooks and Ellen Degeneres Hilariously Create ‘The Thunder Rolls’ Music Video

by Thad Mitchell

Country music megastar Garth Brooks guest-hosted the Ellen Degeneres Show earlier this week. While there, Brooks and Degeneres made a parody video of the singer’s 1991 hit song, “The Thunder Rolls.”

The video gives the talk show host a chance to “show off” her dance moves while Brooks plays the song on his guitar. It is titled “Ellen didn’t make the cut in this Garth Brooks video.”

Brooks, with a baseball cap on and a guitar in hand, jokes about filling in for Degeneres before introducing the 58-seond video.

“It’s great to be Ellen and welcome to the Ellen Show,” he says with a laugh. “If you are wondering why Garth Brooks is the host…Trust me, so am I.”

The two-time Grammy award winner went on to say that he and Ellen had many things in common.

“When you think about we both actually have a lot in common,” he says. “We are both entertainers. We are both from the south.

He then joked: “We are both married to two gorgeous blondes. It’s good to be Ellen.”

Brooks Promotes New Album on Ellen Show

The country star has a new album coming out that is called fun. In introducing the video he says that no matter who you are or where you are, everyone needs a little fun in their lives.

“People don’t know this but Ellen and I actually worked together on an old album of mine,” he says. “She was in a music video but it didn’t quite work out.”

While trying to hold back his own laughter, Brooks told the audience to “take a look” as the music video began to play. To say the video drew a big reaction from the audience would be an understatement.

The clip shows the singer playing an acoustic version of hit song in a small barn, while Ellen ”dances” off to the side. Her dance leaves much to be desired as she twirls and flails about before falling out of the barn.