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Garth Brooks Explains Why All His Albums Have ‘Cowboy Songs’

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by James Schnepf/Getty Images)

Garth Brooks’ music has one reoccurring theme throughout the years. That theme is paying homage to the western way of life.

Ahead of his new album release, Garth Brooks chatted with CMT.com about his career and his 17th studio album Fun that just dropped today (Nov. 20).

Garth Brooks Writes about His Life

Brooks has always been heavily influenced by the country music icon George Strait, plus his ranching childhood. So there’s no doubt that Fun has a song or two about cowboys. Writing and singing about rodeos just came naturally for Brooks.

“You do cowboy stuff all the time, but it was playing at the rodeos that was my thing,” he says. “So the whole cowboy life, like the art of roping and cutting cattle and branding cattle, was my life.” 

Brooks reflects on when his career was just starting to take off. He explains, “But my thing is, those are the people who fed me. Those are the ones who showed up when no one else did. So every album is gonna have cowboy songs on it. And on this one, those just might stand out a more now because cowboy songs are a little rare.”

Songs like “That’s What Cowboys Do” described a one night stand with a woman, because cowboys travel from town to town without staying too long. Brooks describes what it’s like to write songs about cowboys.

“When I said I didn’t trust my pen, and now my name’s on a lot of these songs, it isn’t because I think I’m a great writer. It might be because music is in a place right now that maybe isn’t as suited for this artist as much as it is for a snap loop kind of artist, Brooks says.”

He continues with, “We found ourselves going through a lot of songs and just coming back to the songs that seemed to feel more like me.” Even though many of Brooks’ songs have an upbeat rhythm to them, they still deliver a life lesson or a heavy message.