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Garth Brooks Gets Emotional Talking About Working With Legendary Songwriter Kent Blazy

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Garth Brooks got misty-eyed when he discussed working with Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Kent Blazy. The songwriter mentored Brooks early in his career and contributed to his success as an artist.

Brooks invited Blazy on his podcast Inside StudioG, which Brooks hosts with wife Trisha Yearwood. Brooks and Blazy discussed Blazy’s long career as a songwriter as well as what his influence meant to Brooks.

Garth Brooks Worked with Kent Blazy Early in His Career

In addition to introducing him to his future wife and collaborator Yearwood, Blazy also helped Brooks as an artist.

“The songs with Garth is just the tip of the iceberg with this guy,” Brooks said. “He’s a great songwriter for – a lot of great song artists have Kent Blazy to thank. My favorite Kent Blazy thing is you got to remember a songwriter is not just a guy who puts ink to paper. A songwriter, a great one, will make his home yours. Because everyone comes to this town and you’re scared to death. You’re lonely and you’re against a big machine.”

Brooks remembered going over to Blazy’s house to work on his songs. He said the house reminded him of something “out of a magazine.” Brooks also remembered Blazy’s dog Sofie, which he described as the perfect writing partner.

“This guy who has hits, hits, hits, opens up his door, takes you in, tells you to call me anytime, and talks to you anytime,” Brooks continued. The singer got emotional reflecting on what Blazy means to him. “Anything you got he kind of makes better and sends back to you. And just keeps telling you, just to keep swinging. You kept me in the game, big man. I just love you to pieces.”

Brooks also congratulated Blazy on joining the Hall of Fame. He said, “Congratulations to you to going into the Hall of Fame because there are some pretty good writers [in there].”