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Garth Brooks Gives Details About Upcoming Dive Bar Tour

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by John Medina/Getty Images)

Garth Brooks has postponed his stadium tour until 2022, but fans will still have a chance to see him perform live this year. The country music icon unveiled plans to return to the road in the fall playing dive bars. Though, if you want to see him, there is a catch.

Garth Brooks hinted at his plans for an upcoming tour on his weekly Facebook Live show Inside Studio G.

Brooks will player smaller venues in the fall, with tickets going through local country music radio stations. However, if you want to get in, you’ll have to prove you’re fully vaccinated.

“Because you can fully vaccinate dive bars,” he said. “People have got to have their card to even get in. The only way to get in through dive bars [is] country radio, your local country station.”

That’s all the information Brooks has released on this new tour. Though, you can probably expect to start seeing some dates appear on his website sometime soon.

Brooks’ wife, country luminary Trisha Yearwood, had COVID-19 earlier this year. So, he isn’t taking any chances, he said. In fact, everyone working on his tour must be vaccinated or they stay home.

“I’m vaccinated, 100% vaccinated. Everybody on the freakin’ tour, vaccinated,” he said. “I cannot make you get vaccinated. Until it becomes a law, it is a choice. And people, when things are a choice, you have to understand and respect that we’re all going to make our own choices.”

Garth Brooks On Why He Cancelled Stadium Shows

Garth Brooks opened his show saying that he needed to have “one of the harder conversations we’ve had in a long time,” he said.

The “Friends in Low Places” singer said he decided to postpone the remainder stadium tour out of safety concerns. The COVID-19 Delta variant is pushing infection rates up in every state. Brooks said he didn’t feel comfortable performing knowing that he was risking people’s lives.

“It boils down to one thing,” he said. “It was the right decision to make, even though it was not my favorite decision.”

He also read a series of comments from several fans. Most were supportive of his decision and said they appreciated him thinking about their health and safety. Though, some wondered why he decided to continue with three weeks of the tour before calling off the remaining 2021 dates. The Delta variation was a concern during those shows as well. Shouldn’t he have canceled those dates too, some asked.

“Maybe I should have. I don’t know,” he confessed. “I told them that we’re getting reports on is this ‘flash’ thing. The second wave is flashing and it’s dying out quickly in some of these other countries. We had a three-week window coming up and thought, ‘Let’s get to that three-week window, and then we’ll make our decision.’”

Garth Brooks said he’ll resume his stadium tour next year. However, he can’t guarantee he’ll be able to hit all of the venues he had scheduled. He said as other acts postpone their concerts, they’re booking venues in 2022 and taking dates he could have played. However, anyone who wants a refund for any tour merchandise they purchased in anticipation of the show can get a refund “no questions asked.”