Garth Brooks Makes Grand Ole Opry Premiere on This Day in 1989

by Clayton Edwards

Few stars in country music shine brighter than Garth Brooks. There isn’t too much he hasn’t done at this point. Brooks has broken records for his insane live shows. He has sold millions of records. Garth even has an impressive athletic resume. At one point, he created a weird alter ego for himself. Hey, don’t judge, the nineties were a strange time for everyone. Hell, he even retired and came back to country music.

To say that Garth Brooks’ ride to the top was a wild one would be an understatement. He got his start, like many people do, by playing bars and honky-tonks. Garth kicked off his music career in the mid-eighties in this home state of Oklahoma. He built a little momentum and moved to Nashville.

Then, in April 1989, Garth Brooks released his self-titled debut album. That album took off like a rocket. It peaked a number 2 on the Billboard Country Album chart. At the same time, it hit the top twenty on the publication’s top 200 chart. So, Brooks was a crossover success with his first album. He captured lightning in a bottle with that first record. However, that was just the beginning for him.

Garth Brooks made his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry stage just over two months after he released his first album. He wept tears of joy as he stood on those hallowed floorboards and looked out over the crowd, according to the Opry’s official site. Then, he played two songs that have gone on to become classics. “Much Too Young (to Feel This Damn Old),” and “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”

It was a great night for Garth Brooks. However, the best was yet to come.

Garth Brooks Shines Bright in the Country Sky

Garth Brooks is nothing short of an inspiration to kids from small towns across Oklahoma. He played in bars there. Then, he moved to Nashville and dropped an album. It didn’t take long before he was on the Opry. A year after he made his debut, he was inducted as an official member of the Grand Ole Opry. Some people have to be in the business for years before they get that honor. The good folks at the Opry saw something special in the Okie from Yukon, though.

On the official Grand Ole Opry website, it is noted that Garth Brooks counts his induction as one of the proudest moments of his life. That’s saying something. Brooks has an awful lot to be proud of.

For instance, he’s the best-selling country artist of all time. In fact, he’s almost the best-selling musician of all time. The Beatles have that honor, currently. However, he’s still out there working. So, that could change one day. Even if it doesn’t he has a truckload of awards, accolades, and records pressed in precious metals to make up for it.