Garth Brooks Jokingly Reveals the Real Reason He Plays Acoustic Guitar on Stage

by Kayla Zadel

Garth Brooks seems to always have an acoustic guitar in his hand when he’s on stage. One would think it’s because he’s armed and ready to play the songs on his setlist. However, in an episode of “Inside Studio G,” Brooks is telling his loyal fanbase the real reason he carries an acoustic guitar.

A fan shared a question on Twitter that prompted the response. “@garthbrooks after years of wishing, im about to finally buy a GB7C. Always wondered if you use that in studio as your main recording acoustic, or if you use something else in studio. What’s you’re preferred preamp settings? Love you much. #askgarth,” the tweet reads.

Brooks reads the question and then turns to the camera and starts to chuckle as he offers up his answer.

“David, you might think I’m kidding. I use a guitar to hide my gut,” Brooks says, poking fun at himself. “That’s the whole reason I own a guitar.”

There’s laughter in the background as Brooks shares his response to the “Ask Garth” tweet. Then the Oklahoma native goes on to give a little more insight into his studio time.

“I hate to break it to you or break your heart, I don’t play on the studio recordings,” he confesses. “As far as preamp setting, I’d have to ask OB what my preamp setting [is].”

“But congratulation on the GB7C. I’ll tell you what David when you get your GB7C, I want to see you with a picture of it and I want to know what your preferred preamp setting is… like I would understand it anyway,” Brooks says as he continues to laugh.

Trisha Yearwood Comments on Garth Brooks’ Answer

Trisha Yearwood was watching as her husband went live for his episode of “Inside Studio G.” She was asking questions and also commenting along with Brooks.

One comment though sticks out in relation to Brooks’ acoustic guitar comment. Yearwood, like a woman in love, comes to her husband’s defense, even when he’s making fun of himself.

“You are a better acoustic player than you give yourself credit for!” Yearwood says.

One Brooks fan chimes in on Trisha’s comment and says, “Yesss – my husband, John, who can hear every note always says how good Garth is on guitar.”

“True, but he’s humble,” writes another person.

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