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Garth Brooks Possibly Planning Series of Shows in Ireland Has Social Media Split

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Independent News and Media/Getty Images)

While Garth Brooks is the all-time best-selling country music artist, not everyone loves him. Apparently, Ireland has little love. When it comes to the country music star, the Irish are not too keen on seeing him play in their country, let alone listen to his music. That isn’t because the country is adverse to American country music. They generally have an affinity for it.

However, for country music fans in Ireland, Brooks can kick rocks. It was recently leaked that he is planning a series of shows at Coke Park in Dublin, Ireland. Those shows would be a year from now in September of 2022. Although it didn’t get much attention in the states, back in 2014 Brooks was supposed to hold a series of shows in the same place.

After canceling because he failed to get the proper license, fans were out a lot of money. It has been a point of contention ever since. The Journal sent out a poll for fans.

All through the replies, people were letting their feelings be known. One user went as far as to say, “If he was playing in my back garden I’d sell my house after apologizing profusely to all my neighbors.”

Here in the states, Garth Brooks sells out stadiums on the regular. However, according to the poll on The Journal’s website, fans in Ireland are not eager to fill the seats in Dublin. With over 20,000 votes in their online poll, the “No” choice accounts for over 70% of the vote. A landslide.

The “Yes” votes split into two categories (did you have tickets in 2014 or not,) only makeup 25.7% of the vote combined. 3.6% say they are not sure.

Absolutely no love for Brooks on the Emerald Isle.

Garth Brooks Heading Back to the Dive Bars

In better news for folks that want to see Garth Brooks, he is bringing back the Dive Bar Tour this year. His beloved tour around dives across the country is coming back. While his stadium tour was canceled this year, fans will still be able to catch Brooks in a more close and personal setting. The tour returns next month, so get ready.

Among the pros to doing a dive bar tour versus a stadium tour, more control. Brooks is a man who loves dive bars and the return to the small venues will allow him to have a stronger vaccination policy. When it comes down to it, Brooks is about keeping himself and his fans safe. He has been open about that since starting the stadium tour this year.

One of the coolest parts about this tour, you can only get tickets on radio call-in shows. Get those fingers ready to dial maybe break out the landline for double the chance. Good luck!