Garth Brooks Is a Proud Husband Watching Wife Trisha Yearwood ‘Make History’ at the Grand Ole Opry

by Katie Maloney

Garth Brooks gushes over his wife Trisha Yearwood’s performance and speech at the Grand Ole Opry last night.

Last night, the Grand Ole Opry got a new member, Carly Pearce. After a successful start in the country music industry, Pearce was finally invited to join the Opry. And country icon Trisha Yearwood was asked to induct her. The ceremony consisted of some impressive performances, and then a heartfelt welcome speech from Yearwood.

“I want to tell you that I’m honored to be asked. This is the first time I’ve ever been asked to induct someone, and I got to meet you at an award show several years ago. I liked you immediately,” said Yearwood. “Your kindness… you’re a good egg. But you also have those pipes. You are truly a talent. Congratulations on all your success.”

Yearwood added that the Grand Ole Opry is a “special family” that only the greats are invited to join.

“This is not a club you can just join. This is a very special family you have to be invited into,” she said. “When they ask you to become a member, it means that they know that you get it. You’re doing something great, but you also get what came before. It is with just joy and so much pride, and I represent everybody here at the Grand Ole Opry and all your fans, to say: Carly Pearce, you are now officially a member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

And of course, Garth Brooks being the supportive adorable husband he is, he was there to witness it all. He snapped a photo of Yearwood from backstage. Along with the photo, Brooks wrote, “Proudly watching my wife make history!”

Garth Brooks and Trishaw Yearwood Shared the ‘Key’ to a Happy Marriage

While hosting the “Ellen Show” together a few months ago, Garth Brooks and Trishaw Yearwood shared some marriage advice for all couples.

“I think you gotta treat it like a duet,” said Brooks. “You gotta harmonize. You gotta make your partner feel like they’re a star. And, if not, you’re gonna turn into a solo act pretty damn quick, if you know what I mean. We’re talking about lone fiddler, bass solo.”

Yearwood added that recognizing that no partner is perfect is essential as well.

“Every significant other has at least one annoying habit, even if you are in the perfect relationship, and you have to find a creative way to deal with it,” said Yearwood. She added that Brooks has a whistling habit that drives her crazy.

“He actually told me to stop telling him not to whistle because it takes away his joy,” she said. “But, after about three or four hours of whistling the same song over and over again, I do this thing where I change the tune. So I’ll start singing something else to get him off track.”