Garth Brooks Receives Backlash For Restricting Comedian Tom Segura on Instagram

by Emily Morgan

To understand the ongoing beef between Garth Brooks and Tom Segura, we have to take you back. Since 2018, the two stars have been feuding, yet it was unclear if Brooks was even aware of the feud. Now, the gauntlet has been tossed. 

Segura and his wife, Christina P., also a comedian, host the popular podcast “Your Mom’s House.” For the last three years, the comedic couple has spent time on the podcast reacting to various clips of Brooks that spawned from his Instagram. 

After publicly reacting to the clips, many of their listeners flocked to Garth Brooks’ Instagram to comment references that would only make sense to “Your Mom’s House” fans. 

The story first began in 2018 when the podcast uploaded a highlight clip where Segura joked about a theory regarding Brooks after watching a clip of him. To gain more context, you can watch the moment play out in the full highlight clip. 

Afterward, many took to Brooks’ Instagram to leave countless comments about the clip. For the past three years or so, every social media post from Brooks has been overrun by comments from podcast listeners. Just take a look and you’ll see comments that would only make sense to regular listeners: 

“Keep featherin’ it BROTHER”
“Please let me see my kid, Garth!”
“I’m going down the mountain to get my sister.”
“Where are they, g? The families need closure.”
“You know what’s a banana split?”

The Social Media Squabble Continues for Garth Brooks and Tom Segura

It gets worse for Brooks: not only did these comments appear on Brooks’ Instagram, in many cases, the only top comments were also jokes from the podcast. As a result, Brooks’ fans were likely confused if they didn’t get the references. 

Here’s where things took a turn. Earlier this month, Tom Segura mentioned in an episode of the podcast that Brooks (or his social media team) had restricted his comments on Garth Brooks’ posts.

Although Segura could still make comments, the number of likes stayed at zero. Moreso, any replies to Segura’s remarks were also automatically hidden. After the episode was uploaded, it appeared that Segura’s commenting abilities might have returned to normal. 

While he may have been unrestricted, unbeknownst to Brooks, he made matters way worse for him. Restricting the comedian ultimately created a firestorm for Brooks. Segura’s fans doubled down on Garth’s comments section once they found out brooks tried to censor their leader. 

In addition to the feud, Tom Segura and Christina P. also made headlines after they both suffered serious injuries. After attempting to dunk a basketball in late 2020, Segura was left injured. Christina P. had to go to the hospital months later while walking down the stairs in their home.

As for how the Brooks/Segura saga will continue, it will likely keep developing.