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Garth Brooks Releases New Single ‘That’s What Cowboys Do’ That He Calls ‘So Country’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images)

The 90s have been making their way back into our lives for a few years now. It started with a few choker necklaces and high-waisted jeans. Now we’re into full-on 90s parties and boyband revival concerts. But one thing that hasn’t quite made its way back (yet) is 90s country. And that’s not because there isn’t an audience for it. In fact, #90scountry is quite a popular niche that fans are happy to support. There just hasn’t been a country music artist willing to take the dive back into 90s country vibes. That is, until country superstar Garth Brooks released his latest single, “That’s What Cowboys Do.”

“That’s What Cowboys Do” is about a cowboy’s true nature. During the song, Garth Brooks sings about a cowboy who falls in love with a woman and visits his home state of Texas. Despite his love for both the woman and the state, his inherent urge to move on to the next sunset and rodeo kicks in and he’s off. Brooks sings, “But a cowboy’s always got somewhere to go. Another song to sing, another day to save another rodeo.
They’re always leavin’ town, chasin’ sunsets down. It ain’t nothin’ new. Yeah, they’re just passin’ through. That’s what cowboys do.”

Between the meandering beat, Brooks’ vocals, and even talk of “neon,” the song is the epitome of 90s country vibes. And fans are here for it. However, Brooks almost didn’t record the song. During his latest Facebook Live video from “Inside Studio G,” Brooks revealed that he wrote the song for a different country group.

“It was written for the boys of Midland because I thought they would kill it,” said Brooks. “So I sat down and wrote something for them because they do a lot of George Strait kind of feeling like stuff. And it felt so good, we just did it ourselves.”

Midland is responsible for hits including “Drinkin’ Problem” and “Burn Out.” They’re even teaming up with Tim McGraw for the new song, “Redneck Girl.”

But, the song was just too close to Garth Brooks’ 90s country roots, he had to record it himself.

Garth Brooks Thought The Song Was Too Country To Perform Well

Garth Brooks has been turning songs into music gold for decades. However, he thought that “That’s What Cowboys Do” was just a little too country to be popular with today’s audiences. During the same video, Brooks talked about the songs.

“I can tell you this. I can’t imagine it doing what I think our camp wants to do simply because it’s so freaking country,” said Brooks.

However, fans are already requesting that Brooks play the song during his upcoming performances. Regardless of whether or not the song reaches mainstream popularity, Brooks said that he was born to play country music.

“My thing is, if you’re going to be Garth Brooks, you came into this world playing country music,” said Brooks. “You just keep playing country music. It’s all you can do.”