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Garth Brooks Reveals Details About Farm Accident That Delayed His Album Premiere

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images)

Garth Brooks not only sings about farming and ranching but also tries his hand at the way of life. The way of life seems to suit him until, well, he injured his left hand.

Brooks is in the middle of building a deck. But, one day when he was cleaning up and loading the chop saw, Brooks grabbed the back end of it and his left hand broke the fall.

“The damn thing collapsed on me, when I felt it I didn’t want to see it so I took my right hand and just felt my left hand to make sure all my parts were there. I got lucky, everybody’s been so sweet… it’s going to be black and blue for a while, but I got really, really lucky,” he shares on “The Bobby Bones Show.”

He was actually on the phone during the accident with wife Trisha Yearwood. She confesses, “This is not the first time, it’s [just] the only one that everybody knows about. He’s careful but stuff happens on the farm… I’m always happy when he comes back with all his limbs.”

The injury resulted in a delayed release of his newest album, “Fun,” even though the country music icon only hurt a couple of fingers on his left hand. Brooks said that he’s going to lose his ring fingernail, but it won’t impact his guitar playing in the future.

Garth Brooks to Release New Album ‘Fun’

Fans have been waiting for the full release of “Fun.” It seems that Garth Brooks is releasing a couple of songs at a time from the album. The “Fun” list of music includes the Top 10 hit “Dive Bar” and a cover of “Shallow” from A Star is Born with his country music star wife, Trish Yearwood.

The couple put their spin on the ballad in a recent studio performance.