Garth Brooks Reveals Why Gwen Stefani is ‘Extremely Lucky’ to Be Engaged to Blake Shelton

by Madison Miller

“I’ve always described Blake as my second favorite female singer,” Garth Brooks jokes about his close relationship with fellow country artist Blake Shelton. Though the pair give each other a hard time, Brooks also admits that his good friend Shelton is “solid.”

Shelton and Stefani Engagement

Recently, Shelton announced that he was engaged to Gwen Stefani. The pair became close while being judges on “The Voice” in 2015.

In October, Stefani posted a photo of the two of them with her engagement ring captioned, “@blakeshelton yes please.”

Brooks seems to think that his friend Shelton is quite the catch.

“I love Blake, and trust me, you’re with him for 20 seconds you know all about Blake. He’s got no secrets. He’s not going to change on you, he’s going to stay the same which is a blessing,” Brooks said in an interview with Access Hollywood.

Brooks Talks Love for the Pair

During the CMAs, Brooks made the decision to take himself out of the running for Entertainer of the Year permanently after his controversial 2019 win. He has won this honor seven different times, according to Taste of Country.

Shelton was quick to post on social media “I don’t give a shit what anyone says. ANYONE. Entertainer of the century.”

The two have been longtime supporters of each other, so there’s a lot of love in the country duo. Brooks expressed just how lucky the pair is to have found each other.

“She’s extremely lucky. I love that man, I really do. I would love a chance to get to know her because good people hang with good people and he’s solid,” Brooks said in the interview.

Brooks also discusses his own marriage in the interview. He reveals that he calls Trisha Yearwood “Jack” as a nickname after her late father. He said the two are very similar, especially when Yearwood’s prankster, sassy side comes out.

“The whole thing that they teach you growing up … your relationship with God, your relationship with your wife, with your kids, and then your work. In the ’90s I hate them totally upside down … at least now I have them in the right order,” Brooks said.