Garth Brooks Reveals Hidden Third Verse From New Song, ‘That’s What Cowboys Do’

by Katie Maloney

By now, Garth Brooks fans are well aware of his song, “That’s What Cowboys Do.”

Brooks released the song as his fifth single from his latest album, Fun. The waltz-worthy story song is about the lifestyle of true cowboys. During the song, Brooks sings about a cowboy who makes his rounds around the country, never committing to anyone or anything. He sings, “But a cowboy’s always got somewhere to go. Another song to sing, another day to save another rodeo. They’re always leavin’ town, chasin’ sunsets down. It ain’t nothin’ new. Yeah, they’re just passin’ through. That’s what cowboys do.”

Between the slide guitar and the fiddles, the song is a true classic. So much so, you can instantly imagine couples two-stepping around a dance floor to the song. However, the song doesn’t really end in happily ever after. As it’s recorded right now, the song is about a cowboy who meets a woman. They spend one night together because the woman knows she’s dealing with a cowboy who will have to move to another city the next day.

“She told me she was lonely and it would be all right, if happy ever after only meant one night,” sings Brooks during the song.

However, the cowboy falls in love with her “deep blue eyes.” “And I couldn’t help but wonder
could this woman be the one?” sings Brooks.

But he’s a cowboy, so he leaves. He travels to Texas where he faces “Satan’s Pride” a deadly bull in a bull riding competition. He manages to survive and heads to another city the next day. Because “that’s what cowboys do.”

Does Garth Brooks’ Song Have a Secret Third Verse?

The song ends with the cowboy riding off into the sunset. We don’t know if he’s headed towards another rodeo or if he’ll ever end up with the woman he met at the beginning of the song. Nothing is really concluded. Well, Garth Brooks recently revealed that there is a third verse that ties up the loose ends of the song.

“[The third verse] kind of explains and takes it to the next level. Or the last level,” said Brooks during an interview.

Garth Brooks debuted the full version of “That’s What Cowboys Do” during his performance in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 23. He was planning on also playing it for his Nashville fans but his show got rained out. Although it’s not impossible to find footage of the full version (we’re sure someone took a video of the performance in Cheyenne) it’s not easy to find. We’re hoping Garth Brooks releases a full version of the song with this mysterious third verse.