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Garth Brooks Reveals Trisha Yearwood’s Nickname

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin / Stringer/ Getty Images)

Country music star Garth Brooks joins Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover as he reveals his nickname for his wife and fellow singer, Trisha Yearwood.

Brooks and Yearwood got hitched back in 2005. Brooks had three daughters with his previous wife, Sandy Mahl, who were together from 1986 until 2001. In addition, Yearwood was married to Christopher Latham from 1987 until 1991 and Robert Reynolds from 1994 until 1999. Finally, she found Brooks, and the two have been happily married ever since.

Garth Brooks Ranks His Relationships

During the interview, Hoover asked Brooks about his awards and how they compare to how proud he is of his three girls. Brooks says that there is a list of how your relationships should rank in importance to yourself.

“Yeah, that and my relationship with Ms. Yearwood. Those are the things, you know, first and foremost, your relationship with God and then, you know, the whole thing that they teach you growing up. You know, your relationship with God, your relationship with your wife and your kids, and then your work.”

He admits, “In the 90s, I had them totally upside down, right. So now, I feel for the first time that I’ve kind of got them in that order. Still not very good at it, but at least they’re in the right order and hopefully pursuing that and having fun.”

Hoover comments on how Brooks refers to his wife as Miss Yearwood and not “Trisha” or “my wife.”

“She is Miss Yearwood also because Jack Yearwood has two daughters, Beth and Trisha. Jack Yearwood was a great, great man, and so when Ms. Yearwood and I were getting married, she says, ‘what do we do about the last name?’ I said, Yearwood forever for me, and so I just, I love calling her Ms. Yearwood because it reminds me of Jack.”

‘Miss Yearwood’s’ Nickname

Brooks then shares the hidden nickname he made up for his wife.

“Between you and me, I’ve never told anybody this, but Ms. Yearwood’s nickname is Jack because she is her dad 100 percent.”

He goes on to explain, “She is gorgeous and classy like her mom, but she’s sassy and prankster-ish and loves to pull jokes. There’s so many things that go on this farm that the guys get blamed for. She never says the word that she’s the one that instigates it. It’s also fun to be around her.”

The decorated country singer says he doesn’t always refer to her as “Jack,” but when “when she does something Jack would do.”

“It’s sweet. It’s fun, and I got to tell you that I never thought Jack was a sexy name, but you look at that woman and call her Jack, it’s got sex written all over it. She is one classy, just really cool friend, human being. We’re celebrating our 15th anniversary this December, and we will celebrate like we do every anniversary, with the girls. Because you know, she got married to the girls too. But they exchanged rings and did vows because she didn’t have children, so someone’s got to take care of her if something happens to me.”

Um, can you say GOALS?