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Garth Brooks Reveals Why ‘We Belong to Each Other’ Didn’t Make Final Cut of Album, ‘Fun’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CRS)

With his latest Live Inside Studio G special, Garth Brooks answers a fan on exactly why ‘We belong to Each Other’ wasn’t on his beloved 2020 album, FUN. The answer is one we’d expect from the big-hearted legend, as well.

As all country fans know, Garth Brooks is a living legend. He didn’t get to such status by the fringe of his jeans, however. Brooks is known for the size of his heart, and the love he holds for his fans, friends, and family. The top-selling country act of all time is, in essence, what the genre itself should embody.

His Facebook Live series, Inside Studio G, is a testament to this, as well. The series is a rarity for an artist as famous as Brooks. With it, the icon has given fans an inside look into his studio workings for nearly 5 years now. Starting in 2016, the show was originally an opportunity for Garth to connect with fans through Facebook during that year. It was a busy year for him, too. 2016 saw the release of Gunslinger, Christmas Together, and The Ultimate Collection all in one year.

Speaking of the project when it first came to light, Brooks could barely contain his excitement on Facebook. “The thing I’m going to love most is getting ready to take you into the new album,” the icon said of Inside Studio G. “Take you into songwriting sessions, take you into recording sessions, see places. You’re going to see the room where ‘The Dance’ was cut. You’re going to see the room we packed 15 people in to sing ‘Friends in Low Places,’ and you’re going to see the new album be created and you’re going to be part of it.”

Why No ‘We Belong to Each Other’ on FUN, Garth Brooks?

Now, more than four years later, Inside Studio G is still going strong. Within the latest live episode, Garth super-fan Matt records himself asking a very important question – one that’s been on the minds of many a’Brooks fans since 2019’s FUN.

Within his video, Matt first thanks Garth for multiple concerts he’s attended, and for “being Garth”. Next up, is said question.

“My question for Garth is, where is the song ‘We Belong to Each Other’?,” he finally asks.

Brooks immediately lights up in response to this. “Oh!” he sparks with a bright smile.

“I was hoping it’d be on the FUN album, it wasn’t!” Matt continues. “That’s okay, ’cause that kinda gives me an idea that there’s another album in process.”

“Oh no, no no!” Garth stumbles laughing, confirming that he does not have another in the works currently. After wishing each other a Merry Christmas & fond love, Brooks wastes no more time in answering Matt’s question.

“‘We belong to Each other’ wasn’t on FUN because -I had this talk with Stephanie Davis, the writer of [the song]. I didn’t want anyone thinking we were putting something out at that time – because if you remember – that [song] was kinda spawned from a lot of what was going on in this country and around this world at that time,” Brooks answers.

“I didn’t want anyone thinking we were trying to make any kind of – gain – financially, any financial gain off that,” he ends the statement.

“Will that song show up somewhere?” Garth retorts. “You bet it will, ’cause I’m proud of that song! But it’ll show up on a greatest hits package in 20…40… or something. Who knows,” he smiles.

Listen: ‘We Belong to Each Other’

For those less familiar with the song, ‘We Belong to Each other’ is a simple but highly-effective feel-good song Brooks surprised fans with in 2018. The song was meant as Brooks’ response to American civil unrest at the time. Several incidents of the time are referenced in the lyrics, including the Trump Administration’s building of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Of the song itself, Brooks says “Music is the greatest healer and also the greatest equalizer. A lot of people have asked how I feel about what is going on in the world right now… and music is where I turn to answer that question — We Belong to Each Other, We are Sister and Brother… ALL OF US. We must not divide, but unite.

“Thank you Robin Roberts for premiering this song — I hope it’s words ring true and that we all love one another more tomorrow than we did yesterday. love, g.”

With that message, Brooks would then post the following video to his Facebook account, lyrics and all.

To watch Garth Brooks’ latest Inside Studio G episode, head on over to his Facebook page.

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