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Garth Brooks Made ‘Sacrifices’ During His Time as a Track & Field Athlete at Oklahoma State University

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Matthew Simmons/ Getty Images)

It’s pretty hard to picture country legend, Garth Brooks, running around in a track uniform, yet he reveals what it was like being an athlete in college. 

Last night Garth Brooks went live on Facebook as he typically does and answered questions he was sent on Twitter. 

A question came in from a woman named Kenzie McLean that asked about his track and field days at Oklahoma State University. 

“Hey, Garth! How did you manage your studies along with track and field during university? Did you find it difficult to balance everything? #AskGarth #Curling Hope to see you and Trisha soon!” 

Garth Brooks in College

Brooks started laughing as he remembers the good ole days in college. According to Brooks, he wasn’t a good athlete or a good student at Oklahoma State University.

“That’s a great question, first of all. But you’ve got to understand, I sacrificed being a good athlete, so I could sacrifice being a bad student because I sacrificed to be a bad athlete. I wasn’t either good at any of them. Okay? I wasn’t good at either one of them.” 

Garth Brooks participated in the javelin throw. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

Enjoy these photos we dug up of our beloved country artist rocking a pair of SHORT-shorts and a unibrow. Shutters

In the Twitter question, Kenzie McLean added a photo of herself with a curling broom, which we recently learned is called a blackjack. The tweet comes from one athlete to another. Garth Brooks takes note.

“You, this face right here tells me you are a competitor. And your grades and your sports you are probably like bomb at. I was neither to either if that makes any sense.” 

Sense of Family

Garth Brooks continues, explaining how sports unite people from all walks of life. He says that he would have never had the opportunity to meet such amazing people if he weren’t an athlete in college.

“I liked it because what I love about college sport is because it gave you an instant family. There are guys from all over the world, the UK, you know, we had distance runners from the UK. Had guys from Michigan. Had guys from California. Guys, I thought I would ever see and girls the same way, because, you know, a women’s track team as well. You got to learn a lot about a lot of different people, and being an athlete, you go to live in the athletic dorms. So here come the wrestlers. Most of those guys were from the Northeast. A lot were from Oklahoma, being Oklahoma State is the wrestling school out there. So, it was a good chance for me to kind of broaden my horizons because I’d never been out of Yukon, Oklahoma.”

We are still in shock that those photos are even Garth Brooks… I feel like my whole life is a lie.