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Garth Brooks Sends Emotional Memorial Day Message: ‘Always Honor, Never Forget’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Memorial Day is here. That means many things to many people. For some, it is the beginning of summer. Others see it as a day to run out and hit all of the best sales. You have to get those new summer clothes and maybe a new grill, right? Many people across the country will be coming together to throw some meat on the grill and crack a few cold ones. All of that is totally fine. Nobody is passing judgment here. However, it’s important to keep in mind what today is really all about. Garth Brooks is doing just that.

Today, we remember those who have fallen in wars around the world. We, as a nation, have set aside a day to honor the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. So, enjoy the holiday. Hell, after the last year, we could all use a little togetherness. For many people, a little all-American fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. However, as Garth Brooks said in this morning’s tweet, it’s important to remember why we are free to do those things.

Garth Brooks was up early this morning. I like to think that he was sitting in his house, enjoying his morning coffee, and thinking about the great sacrifices that have been made to establish as well as secure our country’s freedom since 1776. Check out his tweet below.

In the tweet, Garth Brooks recognizes that he can enjoy his freedoms today because someone else paid for them. Then, he shows his gratitude for those who fight for this nation, “past, present, and future.” Finally, Garth wraps things up with four words that summarize Memorial Day perfectly. “Always honor, never forget.”

Garth Brooks Supports The Troops All The Time

It’s easy to take a few days out of the year to show appreciation to the United States military. In fact, we have a few holidays set aside just for that reason. First, there’s Armed Forces Day, which celebrates those who are currently serving the United States. It falls on the third Saturday of May. Then, there’s Memorial Day, the last Monday in May. That’s today. Then, there’s Veterans Day which is November 11. That holiday celebrates those who once served. So, celebrating the American military on those days is easy.

However, Garth Brooks doesn’t limit his support of the troops to those three days. Brooks is a constant supporter of those who hand Uncle Sam a blank check to secure our freedoms. In fact, he has done several things in conjunction with the USO. He has also taken time to honor troops on television.

For instance, he played “Belleau Wood,” a song that references the legendary WWI Christmas ceasefire, for a group of soldiers on Good Morning America.