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Have ‘A Star Is Born’ Singers Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Heard Garth Brooks’ Cover of ‘Shallow’?

by Jacklyn Krol
Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga shot the song into the spotlight with their incredible singing in A Star is Born. Now Garth Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood have given their spin on the hit song. But has the on-screen couple heard the real-life country couple’s rendition of “Shallow”?

What Garth Brooks Had to Say

Although it’s been two years since A Star Is Born released, Brooks and Yearwood’s cover will appear on his upcoming album, Fun. Brooks and Yearwood first met the actors at one of Brooks’ concerts. Has Gaga and Cooper heard their rendition?

“I’d love to say I’ve talked to ’em, but no, I wouldn’t know,” Brooks told Taste of Country Nights. “We’ve met both of them on different occasions, and they’re both very, very sweet people. Both very talented people.”

“As long as we haven’t heard from them, we think they love it,” Yearwood joked. “So we don’t really wanna know. … I hope they’ll see it as a tribute and a nod to a great song and a great performance.”

Yearwood called Gaga one of the most gifted singers on the planet. Yearwood and Brooks first performed it on a live stream and then did another rendition on a CBS television special.

Their Star-Struck Meeting

Yearwood revealed that she was excited to meet Cooper. Yearwood was on tour with Brooks in 2017 when Cooper was researching his role of Jackson Maine for the film.

“We played in L.A., and Bradley Cooper stayed for the whole show,” Yearwood told People. “He was in research mode for A Star Is Born and came backstage. Garth was like, ‘Wow, all the women on this tour suddenly want to be in the meet and greet!’”

“What was so cool about that was he made you feel immediately comfortable. He was so nice,” she continued. “You just were like: Wow, it’s so cool to meet somebody who’s doing so well. And you are a little star-struck.”

Yearwood also revealed that Gaga also came to one of their California concerts.

Brooks and Yearwood released the cover in late October. Watch here.