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Garth Brooks Speaks Out on Upcoming ‘Fun’ Album, Reveals Cover Art

by Jacklyn Krol
Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

Garth Brooks is sharing his ‘Fun’ album artwork and details about his upcoming studio album and live studio album, ‘Triple Live Deluxe.’

What Garth Brooks Had to Say

The country crooner revealed details about his twelfth studio album, Fun. The record will drop on November 20 and Brooks will even treat fans to a preview on November 21 at 7 PM ET on his social media accounts. Fans can RSVP to the live stream, here.

“I’d call it mysterious fun, mischievous fun,” Brooks told People exclusively of his album cover photo.

“I know it, I know it,” Brooks said, since he’s not smiling on an album entitled Fun. “But here’s the deal. Here come the chins. Here come the cheeks. I have fought the cheeks my whole life. My oldest daughter will fight the cheeks her whole life. It’s a Brooks kind of thing. So, it’s just cheeks and chins when I smile.”

See the album cover, below.

All About Fun

Fun is not the only album releasing on November 20, he will also be releasing a live album for fans. Triple Live Deluxe will feature some of his most iconic show-stopping performances.

Although some fans could have heard the live album through his previous package set, Fun will feature all-new music. Including one song that is his favorite, “Sometimes You’ve Got to Die to Live Again.” He doesn’t want to directly compare it to his hit, “The Dance,” but it has something about it. “It’s got that symbolism in that sometimes things have to go wrong to appreciate the things that are going right. It really fits this time right now,” he said.

Originally, he postponed the record’s release due to the pandemic. However, he just “ran out of time,” and decided to finally release it. “This should have been released last Christmas because we’d been working on it forever,” he explained. “So I think it’s just time, you know?”

Brooks admitted that it felt “wrong” to release something when “everybody’s suffering,” but the distraction he provides is priceless. Throughout the pandemic, he released a drive-in live concert experience and numerous live streams.

“The comments you’ll see are, ‘Oh man, for two hours, I just forgot that things were bad,’ and ‘It was just a great escape,'” he added. “And so you kind of walk that line as an entertainer. What’s your job? Even though times are hard for people, aren’t they looking to the entertainment business for an escape? I would just love to see us all kind of take a deep breath, maybe smile a little bit.”