Garth Brooks Teases Stadium Tour with Photo of Equipment Marked with George Strait Sticker

by Jennifer Shea

Garth Brooks is past ready to hit the road again. The country superstar on Thursday posted a photo to Instagram of his gear stamped with a George Strait sticker and announced that it’s rehearsal time.

“Just saw my road locker for the first time in 18 MONTHS!!!” Brooks posted. “Rehearsals are ON!!!! Can’t wait!!! love, g.”

Garth Brooks Has Multiple Tour Dates Coming Up

Brooks is playing a series of upcoming shows from July through September. Most of them, with the exception of a July 31 show at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium, are already sold out.

Some of the shows, such as the July 17 Salt Lake City show, have shattered ticket records. That show became Ticketmaster’s fastest stadium sellout in history.

“YOU SHOWED UP!” Brooks tweeted upon learning the news. “#GARTHinSALTLAKE is Ticketmaster’s fastest stadium sell out in US history! 50,000 tickets in less than 30 minutes! Touring is BACK. Utah, Idaho, this is going to be the time I’VE been waiting for! Way to go @Ticketmaster! Counting the days to see U-tah! love, g.”

Country Musician Is Eager to Play Again

Garth Brooks is among the first musicians to resume big stadium shows with his tour this summer. And the country superstar recently told USA Today that he’s looking not just to resume them quickly, but to resume them right.

“Somebody has got to take the first step,” Brooks said. “The thing that’s going to ease your anxiety the most is to know it’s done right. Are these people taken care of when they come in the stadium?”

Moreover, Brooks has been working out to get into shape for this stadium tour. He doesn’t want to finish songs gasping for breath or with his hands on his knees, as was reportedly the case in at least one of his 2020 shows. And his team has been working to get their ducks in a row for the upcoming tour dates. Brooks says they’re ready.

“All the stars lined up and we feel very, very lucky that that happened for us,” Brooks said. “To be one of the first people out to step into the stadiums, it’s an honor, but also it’s a great responsibility. I owe it to this country to hopefully be some kind of example on doing things the right way.”

Fans will have a chance to see what that looks like this summer. In the meantime, Brooks has broken out his gear for rehearsals, George Strait sticker and all.