Garth Brooks Teams With Musicians On Call For Millionth Patient

by Megan Molseed

Garth Brooks may be in the thick of a sold-out stadium tour right now, but that isn’t going to stop the country music superstar from taking a moment for fans who need him the most. Recently, Brooks was called on to team up with Musicians On Call to connect with one of his superfans while also commemorating a major milestone within the non-profit organization. The milestone? Connecting with the charity’s one-millionth patient!

The lucky patient, 87-year-old Staten Island New York native, Marianna Mishik has been recovering from injuries related to a fall. The Staten Island woman is a lifelong country fan, it seems. Plus, Mishik and Brooks have even more in common. Both have strong military ties…and both love classic country music tunes.

Garth Brooks Helps Mark A Major Milestone With Musicians On Call

During his connection with Marianna Mishik through Musicians On Call, Garth Brooks sang for Mishik and her daughter during a virtual visit. The Friends In Low Places singer even promised to take Marianna dancing in Nashville once she is all healed.

“My mother is one of the most incredible women and meeting Garth was an incredible experience,” explains Mishik’s daughter Audrey Parente after the virtual visit.

“Music helps you put your mind somewhere else,” Aubrey Parente adds.

“Especially country music,” she says. “It gets down into your bones – and I’m hoping it will heal my mother’s bones!”

Musicians On Call Brings Music To Hospital Patients, Lifting Spirits On a Nationwide Level

Musicians On Call is a nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients all across the nation. The organization runs multiple programs along these lines. These programs include the Bedside Performance Program, the Virtual Bedside Performance Program, and Music Pharmacy. The goal of the non-profit organization is to help promote healing in hospital patients as they recover. It also aims to offer moments of relief for caregivers.

During the twenty-three years that the Musicians On Call programs have been in operation, they have brought in more than 800 volunteers to help put connections together – and hundreds of musicians have donated their time to the cause.

“This is a monumental moment for Musicians On Call,” notes Musicians On Call President & CEO Pete Griffin. “And everyone who has had a hand in touching the lives of one million patients, families, and caregivers.”

Griffin notes that the organization’s goal is to bring the patients “joy through music during some of their toughest days.”

“Thanks to the commitment of our volunteers and our partnerships with healthcare facilities, we’ve been able to use the healing power of music to improve the lives of so many people,” the Musicians On Call CEO adds.

“We are deeply grateful to Garth Brooks for joining us in this celebration and creating an unforgettable moment for the 1 millionth person impacted by our programs,” Griffin notes. “This is a day none of us will forget.”