Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Discuss Hilarious First Date Story

by Halle Ames

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are the standard for any relationship, but listen to the country music star recall his first date with Yearwood.

Garth Brooks was married once before tying the knot with Trisha Yearwood.

In 1986, Brooks married his college girlfriend, Sandy Mahl. The two had three daughters together but eventually split in 1999. Their divorce was finalized in 2001.

It wasn’t until 2005 that Garth Brooks exchanged vows with Trisha Yearwood, who had been married twice before getting hitched to Brooks. However, she never had any children of her own.

The two are absolutely smitten with one another, but was it always that way?

Garth Brooks Blows His First Date With Yearwood

The 59-year-old artist sat down with guest host tWitch on EllenTube to dish on how the couple’s first date went. Both vividly recall the experience of when Trisha cooked him dinner.

“Do you remember?” Trish asks Garth. “Fettuccine Alfredo. Do you want to tell, or do you want me to tell it?”

“I think I fell asleep on my plate about halfway through,” laughs Brooks.

“Yeah. The date was going really well, and I made this– well, it was one of our first dates, and I had made this fettuccine alfredo,” reveals Yearwood. “It was before I had written a cookbook, and I just was like, ‘I’m going to try this out on him because it’s really elegant and beautiful.’ But it has a lot of cream. Actually, the book version doesn’t have as much cream or butter because of him.”

Health-conscious, we love that.

Trish Yearwood continues, explaining how the meal sent Garth Brooks straight into a food coma right in the middle of the date.

“I just saw him kind of glossing over about halfway through the meal. And I thought he’s going to go face first in his plate. I know about him now that he’s that guy. Once he hits the wall, he’s got to lay down. And he was like, that was great, and walked over and sat on the couch. I thought, well, now we’re going to just kind of snuggle or whatever, and he was out. Date over.”

Well, despite Garth Brooks falling asleep mid-date with Yearwood, it seems to work out in his favor because here they are, over 15 happy years later.

We would love to know that Alfredo recipe, though, Trisha.