Garth Brooks Urges Folks to ‘Pray for Peace’ Following Petco Park Concert

by Leanne Stahulak

While Garth Brooks’ recent Petco Park concert brought joy to a lot of fans, it also comes during a time of great turmoil in the world.

One fan who attended the Petco Park concert in San Diego reached out to Garth Brooks directly. Joseph Bonner posted a video from the event on Twitter and told Brooks how much he “needed” the performance what with everything that’s happening.

At a Glance

  • A Garth Brooks fan acknowledged how crazy the world’s gotten and how Brooks’ music has helped poeple get through it.
  • Brooks responded and asked everyone to “Pray for peace.”
  • Brooks’ Petco Park concert set new attendance records when it sold out

Fan Who Attended Garth Brooks’ Petco Park Concert Speaks on Necessity of Music

Nearly everyone’s news feeds are currently flooded with information about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Every day, the news seems to get a bit direr, inflaming anxieties and fears in people across the globe. And that’s on top of dealing with a global pandemic.

So, in these darker times, one Garth Brooks fan named Joseph Bonner appreciated the chance to escape all that. Bonner posted a video to Twitter from where he attended Brooks’ concert at Petco Park in San Diego, California.

“With so much going on in the world right now I honestly did not realize how much I needed a @garthbrooks concert,” Bonner captioned the video.

Garth Brooks quote tweeted the message and replied with one of his own. “Joseph, As sweet as it gets,” Brooks said. “I needed that more than you know! Love you pal. Pray for peace.”

Brooks echoed a message many people have been saying across the world. As the conflict in Ukraine dials up, many have sent up prayers asking for more peace.

Garth Brooks’ Sells Out First ‘Mega Concert’ this Year at Petco Park

During the pandemic, many musical artists had to put tours on hold permanently or delay them until the following year. Then, as COVID restrictions began lifting, artists started performing live to smaller crowds than usual. Stadiums still looked empty, with everyone sitting six feet apart from each other.

Now, Garth Brooks has blown those pandemic concerts out of the water with his performance at Petco Park. The country singer sold out the San Diego stadium to more than 50,000 fans. According to local news outlet Fox 5, this concert broke previous attendance records for the venue.

The number of fans was doubly surprising considering the weather was unusually cold and windy for the West Coast. But fans didn’t care as they piled in.

“San Diego you will forever be MORE THAN A MEMORY to me!!!” Garth Brooks wrote on Twitter last night after the performance. “Tonight you gave me exactly what I needed THANK YOU for kicking off the final leg of The Stadium Tour!!!! Love, G.”