George Strait Announces ‘Amarillo by Morning’ Tik Tok Challenge: Here’s What to Know

by Keeli Parkey

Are you a fan of George Strait? Do you love using TikTok? Well, now you have the chance to combine those two passions.

On Wednesday, Jan. 13, Strait and company announced the “Amarillo By Morning” TikTok challenge via Twitter.

“In honor of the #AmarilloByMorning Anniversary, we bring you the Amarillo By Morning TikTok Challenge, for your chance to be featured on George’s TikTok page,” the post said.

According to information also shared via Twitter, the contest rules are fairly simple.

First, record a video on TikTok using the “Amarillo By Morning” sound. To find it, click “sound” on the search bar in TikTok and type in George Strait.

Next, post the video and tag GeorgeStrait. Also, follow @GeorgeStrait on TikTok.

The deadline to enter the “Amarillo By Morning” TikTok challenge is Sunday, Jan. 31.

As of Wednesday afternoon, George Strait’s TikTok page had more than 450,000 followers, not to mention 1.1 million likes. Videos posted include clips from live performances, as well as messages from the King of Country.

For example, here’s a clip of Strait performing “Sing One With Willie” from the “Honky Tonk Time Machine” album.


Hear George “Sing One With Willie” from George’s latest album, HonkyTonkTimeMachine. #willienelson #georgestrait

♬ original sound – George Strait

Watch George Strait Perform ‘Amarillo By Morning’

“Amarillo By Morning” was one of George Strait’s first hits. And while he went on to a stellar career full of hit songs, it remains one of his most popular. He recorded his cover for his 1982 album, “Strait from the Heart.” His rendition made it all the way to No. 4 on the Billboard Country Chart.

“Amarillo By Morning” was written by Terry Stafford together with Paul Fraser. Stafford recorded it in 1973. Chris LeDoux recorded a cover in 1975.

Without a doubt, the song is a country staple beloved by countless fans. It embraces the daring spirits of those who compete in rodeo and make it the most important thing in their lives. It’s a song about a free spirit and competitor doing what he loves best.

“They took my saddle in Houston. Broke my leg in Santa Fe. Lost my wife and girlfriend somewhere along the way,” Strait sings. “But I’ll be lookin’ for eight when they pull that gate. And I hope that judge ain’t blind. Amarillo by morning. Amarillo’s on my mind.”

The song reflects the belief that money isn’t everything. And, that doing what you love brings happiness.

“I ain’t got a dime, but what I’ve got is mine,” the lyrics read. “I ain’t rich, but Lord, I’m free.”

And, as he has done for so many songs over the decades, Strait’s voice elevates the song into a classic.

A few months ago, George Strait shared a clip of him performing the song on his Twitter account. This performance took place at Gruene Hall in Texas during 2016.

You can also watch George Strait’s music video for the song below.