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George Strait is Asking Fans Where They’re Spending the Beginning of Summer in a Barefoot Beach Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Summer is officially here. If you live in the south and have stepped outside in the past three weeks, you already know that, though. It has been hotter than a $2 pistol out there. Those rising temps call for cool water, cold beer, or a hard-working air conditioner. However, it looks like George Strait has the right idea.

Earlier today, he shared a tweet asking, “Who’s spending the beginning of summer on the seashore?” Now, that sounds like the place to be. Cool sea breeze, nice warm sand, and an excuse to put away some tropical drinks sound perfect right now. George Strait upped the ante a little by adding a clip from his 2005 music video “Seashores of Old Mexico.” Check it out below.

Before we talk about the song, I want to point something out about the video. George Strait is decked out in full western wear, as usual. However, he doesn’t have boots on. In fact, he’s barefoot. There is exactly one man on this planet who could pull of that look and it’s King George.

With that out of the way, let’s look at “Seashores of Old Mexico.”

George Strait Covers Hag

If you’re a fan of traditional or neotraditional country, there’s a good chance that George Strait is on your Country Music Mount Rushmore. I’d be willing to bet that there’s a spot for Merle Haggard there too. If I’m right, then congratulations, you have great taste in music.

Also, you need to check out “Seashores of Old Mexico.” Check out the song an video below.

Merle Haggard wrote the song in the early seventies. Hank Snow cut it in 1971. Then, Freddy Weller cut it the next year. Ol’ Merle didn’t record the song until 1974. It was included on Merle Haggard Presents His 30th Album. However, he did not release it as a single. He recorded the song again in 1987 as a duet with Willie Nelson.

George Strait included his version of the Haggard-penned tune on his 2005 release Somewhere Down in Texas. It was the last single from that album and peaked at #11 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. “Seashores of Old Mexico.” was also nominated for Best Male Country Vocal Performance at the 2007 Grammy Awards.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s cool to see one legend covering another. George Strait singing a Haggard tune definitely fits that bill.