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George Strait Asks Fans if Their Favorite Song is ‘Give It Away’ in New Post and the Responses Are Glorious

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

When an artist has a great body of work, it’s hard to pick a single favorite song. This is especially true if the artist has been making music for over forty years. Furthermore, it gets harder when that artist has just as many chart-topping hits. George Strait checks all of those boxes. So, it would be easy to see why many fans have a hard time picking a favorite song by him. There are just too many to pick from.

However, George Strait is helping his Twitter followers narrow it down. Earlier today, he sent out a tweet asking fans to retweet if “Give It Away,” is their favorite song by him.

 There is good reason for George Strait to assume that “Give It Away,” is a favorite of at least some of his fans. After all, it was his 41st number-one single. It’s the one that broke Conway Twitty’s long-standing record of 40 chart-toppers. The song won both Single and Song of the year at the 2007 ACM Awards as well as Song of the Year at the CMA Awards.

It’s a song about a woman who leaves a man and doesn’t take anything with her. She tells him to just give all of her things away because there’s nothing in their home worth fighting for. Additionally, every new woman he’s with reminds him of the day she left. So, the protagonist finds himself in a furnished home with a broken heart that’s full of love that he can’t even give away. As usual, George Strait delivers the broken-hearted goods in the vocal department.

The writing team behind the song reveals why it’s so great lyrically. Jamey Johnson co-penned the song with Bill Anderson and Buddy Cannon.

It’s a great tune. However, it isn’t everybody’s favorite. Some of the replies to George Strait’s tweet were great.

George Strait Fans Sound off About their Favotie Songs

Several of George Strait’s fans chimed in to tell them their favorite song by him. Several of those Twitter users said that “Give It Away,” was their favorite. However, that wasn’t true for everyone.

Several people said that any song by George Strait was their favorite song. I guess that’s one way to narrow down such a huge collection of music. On the other hand, some of his fans were a little pickier.

 One of his followers said that their favorite song by him is “The Chair.”  But, “Give It Away,” brings back special memories from one George Strait concert. The guy next to them was singing along. Instead of singing “Give it away,” he sang, “Throw it away.”

Kris N, one of George Strait’s 511k+ followers said, “Can’t do that in case ‘Amarillo by Morning,’ is watching.”

A couple of other fans were a little vaguer about their favorite George Strait tunes. One simply said. “Nope. Nowhere near my favorite.” Another fan was all about Strait’s classic cuts. “Anything from the 80s,” they said, “Personally, ‘Uneound’.”

Head over to George Strait’s tweet to get in on the fun and read the rest of the hilarious replies.