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George Strait Beams with Pride Watching Grandson at Rodeo Auction in 2017: Video

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

George Strait may be the “King of Country Music,” but the one title he loves most might be “Grandpa.”

Any Strait fan knows how much he ties in cowboy life into his songs. Songs such as “Amarillo by Morning,” “The Cowboy Rides Away” (heck, he even named his final tour after that one,) and “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” are just a few examples. However, he doesn’t merely sing about the cowboy the life; he lives it. So much so that we have a strong suspicion he was a bull rider in his past life.

While Strait may have traded a bull riding career for that of a country music superstar, his family members are living out their cowboy lives. When Strait’s son Bubba graduated from Texas A&M, he decided to pursue a career as a professional rodeo roping competitor. Strait has also competed with his son during competitions several times.

George Strait’s Grandson Wows Fans During Roping Auction

Now, it looks like Strait’s grandson may be following the family tradition. Bubba and his wife Tamara have two children, a son named Harvey and a daughter named Jillian.

In 2017, he made his family, especially his grandpa proud, when he whipped out his roping skills during the two-day event in San Antonio, Texas, called the George Strait Team Roping Classic.

During the event’s auction, little Harvey had his moment to shine. The event has a longstanding tradition to auction off the roping chute on the second day, with the funds going to a chosen charity. George or another of his family members will bid on the chute until they win, often driving up the price to a steep amount. However, instead of keeping the chute, the family member will return it to be auctioned off next year.

In 2017 George recruited his grandson to assist him during the auction. As the Strait family gathered together, little Harvey stood front and center, raising his hand to bid as his grandpa told him what to do. You can tell how excited Harvey was, seeing him eagerly waiting to throw his hand in the air the moment his grandpa tells him.