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George Strait Was Born to Be a Cowboy Icon, This Legendary New Pic Confirms It

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Cowboys get rarer each year. That’s why it is so great we can rely on George Strait to show us what one looks like. He has made it a habit to share new, rare, and throwback pictures on his social media. In recent weeks he has shared plenty with fans on his Instagram and Twitter. With as many hit songs as he has, there are lyrics for every picture he shares.

On top of a beautiful chestnut horse, Strait smiles from the saddle in the picture. It just looks like an ideal setting out on the farm. The caption reads, “‘She’d say she loved me and this cowboy way of life.’ #IfHeartachesWereHorses.” It included a link to his song, by the same name as the hashtag. Check out the post, below.

As the last track on the Troubadour album, If Heartaches Were Horses is a great cowboy song. George Strait knows better than anyone how to connect the cowboy lifestyle with heartache. The song tells a story about a cowboy in West Texas, working cattle as his love leaves him. Talk about a heavy subject. That legendary voice is able to tell any story, but his cowboy stories are always the best.

Fans love these pictures and posts that Strait shares. It seems he finds more and more reasons to put something on the timeline, and no one is complaining. Getting extra looks at old shows, his life, and more have fans eager for the next post.

George Strait: Son Bubba a Big Influence

Over the years, George Strait has had a hit or two. Specifically 60 No.1 hits. That doesn’t include all the other hits that didn’t top the chart but ended up somewhere on those charts. His career has spanned many decades and has kept going. With new music, tours, a residency in Las Vegas, the King of Country stays busy. You don’t get to be the King without working hard at it.

While Strait has never been afraid to write a song, it is something that he got away from. Early in his career, you could find many songs written by Strait on his albums. However, being the King, there are going to be a multitude of songs available to record. Songwriters would love to have Strait sing one of their tunes. It was back in 2009, when Bubba, George’s son got him back into writing.

By getting into writing himself, Bubba helped get his dad, George Strait, back to picking up the pen. The two have worked together on many songs. Bubba received seven writing credits on Here for a Good Time. Making songwriting a family affair, that is living the dream. And, when the King is writing music, we all win.