George Strait Celebrates 30th Anniversary of ‘Chill of an Early Fall’ Album

by Keeli Parkey

A long career in country music will give an artist the chance to celebrate some pretty significant milestones. And on Friday (March 19), legendary singer George Strait celebrated one of those moments with his fans.

On Twitter, the 68-year-old Texas native reminded his fans that he released the album, “Chill of an Early Fall,” on March 19, 1991.

“Spring is near, but today we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of “Chill Of An Early Fall”! What’s your favorite song from this album?” the tweet said. Accompanying the message, was the album’s cover. It shows a very young George Strait “chilling” with his guitar at sundown.

Fans React to George Strait’s ‘Chill of an Early Fall’ Anniversary Tweet

“Chill of an Early Fall” included 10 tracks. So which ones did George Strait’s fans say via Twitter that they liked best?

“The title song is fantastic and Home in San Antone swings, but I love the Milk Cow Blues cover, complete with the (Ace In the Hole) band on the recording with some shout outs by name. And anything that spotlights Gene Elders is great!” one fan shared.

“The title track is fantastic. A good old story song, something that is missing in a lot of today’s music,” another fan claimed.

A few fans answered Strait’s question with lyrics from their favorite “Chill of an Early Fall” song.

One fan shared these lyrics: “Oh how quick they slip away, here today and gone tomorrow. Love and seasons never stay, bitter winds are sure to follow.” These are lyrics from the song, “The Chill of an Early Fall.”

Another fan shared these lyrics: “Oh, she tells her friends I’m perfect / And that I love her cat / But you know me better than that.” These are from “You Know Me Better Than That.”

Several fans couldn’t pick just one song to name as their favorite. So, for example, they posted messages such as “I like them all.”

The King of Country Releases ‘Chill of an Early Fall’ Album in 1991

According to George Strait’s website, “Chill of an Early Fall” was his 11th studio album.

Four singles were released from this album. They were “The Chill of An Early Fall,” “Lovesick Blues,” “You Know Me Better Than That,” and “If I Know Me.”

The other six tracks on the album are “I’ve Convinced Everybody but Me”; “Anything You Can Spare”; “Home in San Antone”; “Milk Cow Blues”; “Her Only Bad Habit Is Me”; and “Is It Already Time.”

Both “You Know Me Better Than That” and “If I Know Me” rose all the way to the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart.

You can listen to the King of Country sing “You Know Me Better Than That” below.