George Strait Celebrates 32nd Anniversary of ‘Beyond the Blue Neon’ Album

by Clayton Edwards

George Strait is celebrating the thirty-second anniversary of his album “Out of the Blue Neon,” today. He shared the memory with his Twitter followers this afternoon.

In the tweet, the King of Country Music shared the album cover along with a quote from the album’s title track.

Life definitely goes on beyond the blue neon. Since the release of this album, George Strait has racked up several number-one singles and albums. He continues to play great traditional-sounding country music. Fans all over the world flock to his releases when they’re in the mood for some real country. Strait never fails to deliver the goods. That’s why we love him.

George Strait’s ‘Beyond the Blue Neon’ – A Country Classic

Like most of George Strait’s albums, “Beyond the Blue Neon” has it all. If you’re looking for a sad drinking song, look no further than the title track. If you’re in the mood for something to get your toe tapping “Ace in the Hole” is just what the doctor ordered.

Ace in the Hole

Both of those tracks are guaranteed to scratch any itch for western swing, no matter what mood you’re in. If you’re looking for some straight-forward country, look no further than the number-one singles “Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye,” or “What’s Going on in Your World.” This album truly ticks all the boxes for fans of several styles of country music.

This variety combined with George Strait’s talent as an artist drove “Beyond the Blue Neon” to the top of the country album chart. It is just one of King George’s 33 platinum albums. The sales of this album as well as the rest of Strait’s discography show that there is a huge audience for his neotraditional sound.

Since he released his debut single “Unwound” in 1981, George Strait has stuck to his Texas roots. His music has always been a beautiful blend of classic country and western swing. The sound and his relatable lyrical content have endeared him to generations of fans over the last four decades.

What’s Going on in Your World

His latest release “Honky-Tonk Time Machine,” dropped in 2019. That album is full of classic George Strait sounds. If you took his hits and put them on shuffle, you’d be hard-pressed to date them. This is because Strait knows how to remain current while still sticking to his roots and making the kind of music that he loves.

So, yeah, life goes on beyond the blue neon but it wouldn’t sound as good without George Strait.