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George Strait Celebrates 37th Anniversary of All-Time Country Classic: ‘Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind’

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

It’s hard to believe that George Strait’s fourth studio album “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” came out 37 years ago today. Yet, the album was released Sept. 26, 1984. And the legend is still going strong. Where does the time go?

Following its release date, the record went platinum, selling more than a million copies in the United States. It was released by MCA records after being recorded by Strait the previous June.

The album also boasts 10 tracks, with “The Cowboy Rides Away” and “The Fireman” hitting big as singles. The title track was the first single to be released by the musical genius.

While George Strait didn’t author any songs on the album, he still brought his Texas spin on the tunes, giving each song life.

“You left me here to be with him in Dallas
And I know it hurt you at the time
But I wonder now if it makes a difference
Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?”

Further, the chorus is captured perfectly by Strait, who took the lyrics and turned them into a story of heartbreak.

On Twitter Sunday, the country phenom shared a tribute to the record with a photo.

“Fort Worth always crosses our mind on this day. Celebrate this #AlbumAnniversary with us today!” Strait captioned the photo.

George Strait Unveils Tequila

As if the king of country music wasn’t accomplished enough – or busy enough – George Strait keeps on diversifying himself.

With his tequila company (because what’s more cowboy than tequila?) Código 1530, Strait has focused on developing a line of smooth and satisfying liquor. His latest edition? A special edition, double-barrel Rosa-Reposado. Further, the tequila was perfected and aged in French oak wine barrels for three months (uncharred, of course).

Additionally, like everything he does, Strait oversaw the creation, perfecting it to a T.

“I was curious to further age our popular Tequila Rosa-Blanco until it graduated into the Reposado category, without charring the barrels first as we normally would for our Reposado,” George Strait says. “The lack of charred barrel influence allows the agave to shine through. To complete this expression, it is finished in Spanish Sherry casks to add an unmatched sweetness. The flavor was too unique to not bottle it. If you enjoy our Tequila Rosa-Blanco, you will love this Rosa-Reposado, as its finish is even deeper and richer.”

What’s more, is that Executive Chairman Ron Snyder praised the time and effort put into the creation.

“Because Código 1530 still uses authentic, traditional practices to create our award-winning tequilas by aging in small batched barrels, we are able to play around with techniques and try new things,” he says. “To avoid turning our naturally light pink tequila brown from aging too long in the French Oak wine barrels, we had to experiment until the perfect timing and color was attained. Rested at approximately 3 months, then finished in Spanish Sherry casks, the new Rosa-Reposado expression was born, flaunting a unique color that is a slight golden brown with a hint of rosé pink.”